Cogs in a machine … are you one of them?

The secrets to success have been well known for  years, and yet people shrink back from the opportunity for success for something else, mediocrity.  People live in work where replication is there day.   People live by habit, by doing the same things over and over again and eventually they become a cog in an infinite machine.   When the cog gets worn out it is replaced by a new shiny cog, but a cog none the less.

The world is filled with cog like things, fast food, where you can get identically shaped and prepared meals.   They look the same, they smell the same, because it is all the same.   The workers in a fast food restaurant need no special skills, they are just cogs in a machine.

Of course there are processes that need to be followed so that the outcomes of the process are consistent.   A car coming out of a production line missing various components would hardly be what anyone would want.

Think about your day.  Think about your habits, what do you do exactly the same day after day?  How is that helping you?   Are you moving forward in life or are you just becoming a cog?

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