Are you an artist?

What makes you standout above the crowd?

What makes your work a work of art? 

“He has a passion for his craft, but no real passion for spreading his ideas.  And if the ideas don’t spread, if no gift is recieved, then there is no art, only effort”, writes Seth Godin in his latest book, “Linchpin: Are you indispensable?”.

The question is, if you are an artist, if you create something unique of value to a business or anywhere else, who knows about it?   How are you changing the world with your art?   Art means any craft, a mental craft, a piece of software, a real piece of art,  or anything that separates you from the crowd.   What are you holding deep inside of you that is art.   Is your masterpiece just waiting to be born?

If everything looks the same, feels the same, smells the same, or tastes that same what is the risk in that?   Let your art show up in the world.   Words, craft, ideas, things, or whatever it is, let the world see it.   Let it be new, let it be striking and let it rattle the status quo.

Be a difference maker in a world that is all about being the same.

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