you must go forward

“Playing safe is probably the most unsafe thing in the world. You cannot stand still. You must go forward.”    Robert Collier

 When was the last time you read something positive or heard something positive in the news media?   Most of the time news is about tragedy, the economy going down, jobs becoming more scarce, drugs, homicides, stress, school performance declining, and worse.  That is what you hear every day, bad things, and eventually that is what you believe as well.  It is easy to get conditioned to believe that everything is going wrong and it is even easier to forget what has gone right.

What happens when people begin to believe everything is going wrong?   They step back and they retreat from the world so that they can feel some sense of safety. 

When people retreat to a safe place they are intentionally retreating from opportunity.   The time to be bold, new and different is when everything appears to be falling apart.   The time to make your move is when everyone else has stopped moving.   This is the time for leaders to emerge; this is the time for influencing others and making a difference.

The great financial wisdom of buy low sell high is applicable right now in terms of making personal change.  This point in time, this point in history is the “low” and this is the time for bold people to act.   If your career is going in the wrong direction, make a move, make a change and make that change soon, get prepared to do something different, something new, and something exciting.   If your relationships aren’t on track, make a change and get help to improve the relationship.  

This is the right time to make those changes you have always wanted to make.  It is time to make the move, the move that you have already said you wanted to make, make it today.   Don’t put off another day making the change that will improve your life.  What is holding you back from doing what you have said you wanted to do?

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