transparency brings about trust …

Creating an environment where is trust exhibited is needed more and more in organizations of any size today.  With the hyper-competitive pressures of the business world there is a need to maximize the output from every person involved in the organization and doing it while not creating an environment that over emphasizes work as well.   When work is overbearing or where the work becomes more important than the relationships then organizations productivity starts to falter and burnout becomes a potential issue within the organization.

When the lines of communication begin to become opaque the work becomes harder to do because the honest feedback that is necessary for systems to correct themselves is missing.  People who are left wondering what to do will do what they perceive is the right thing to do and may result in the collapse of a variety of processes.   When management begins to understand the systems are dysfunctional the damage has already been done.  Activity remains high while productivity declines.  In many cases the people are held accountable for the results yet at the root of the issue are failed systems and processes.   The communications systems, the human to human interactions, are vital for organizational success.

Transparent communications in an organization allow for high levels of feedback and good feedback can be used to correct issues and problems.   What organization wouldn’t want better results?   What employee wouldn’t want to be able to bring issues to the surface without feeling like they were doing the wrong thing?   When there is a lack of transparency in the organization the likely outcome is an undercurrent of fear and mistrust.

Transparency and trust are tightly linked in the communications dance that is required in our organizations today.    The greater the transparency the better it is for the individuals that work in the company and that will help produce better results.

Trust and transparency are linked and the results show that having transparency improves trust.  What organization wouldn’t do better to create more trust within its ranks?

How trustworthy is your organization?   How transparent are the communications?

2 responses to “transparency brings about trust …

  1. I really enjoy your site. Thank you for the consistency!

  2. Holy Kashmolee Dan this is a great site. You have so many great affilitates and lots of information. This is a joy to peruse. I will be back. Thank you!!

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