Awaken the hero within

“Once upon a time, a long time ago, King Gilgamesh sat alone in his garden, thinking things over. Something was bothering him. He loved being king of all his people. That was good. He was strong enough to pick up mountains, which was handy on occasion. He could dive down to the deepest point in the ocean and back again in one breath! But he could not fly. And he could not live forever. “  Mesopotamian History

What are the qualities of a hero?

The hero acts out of courage rather than out of fear.  The difference between the hero and everyone else is having the courage to move forward, to do what everyone else isn’t willing to do.  The superheroes all face some great challenge and with their superhuman powers they have one thing that makes them stronger than the adversary or so it seems and that one thing is facing the challenge with courage. 

The superhero power, the ability to overcome, is embedded within all of us and what holds us back from grasping that super power is fear.    The superhero is often portrayed as having superhuman qualities, the ability to fly, be invisible, to catch on fire, to shrink, super strength,  or stick to the side of a building  there was always a weakness,  a fatal flaw that made the superhero vulnerable.  Contrast that superhero with our own lives; do we magnify our strengths or our weaknesses?  If we focused on our strengths and improved those skills we would be moving towards being a superhero.  Instead more effort is put into building up a weakness, a weakness that will never be as strong as one of our strengths. 

What are your super strengths?


One response to “Awaken the hero within

  1. I appreciated this article very much. I have always had my Brother at my super hero. Because of his example it has motivated me to be more, to possibly be someone Else’s super hero. A very good article on self-reflection.

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