Daily Archives: November 4, 2010

time frame

Time is an elusive character, when we need it we can’t have enough of it, and when we are waiting there is too much of it.

There are people whose lives are scheduled from start to finish.  Their lives are dominated by the clock.  Master the clock to master your life some would think.  

There are others who spend time freely, not living by a schedule but living by the moment.  

For most people time is classified by the future or the present and by schedule or by flow.    Think about the person who has a well scheduled day, everything is planned out for the day and that person clearly just focuses on the present.   They are the people who will focus on you in the moment and when the time is up they are on to the next event on their schedule.

Another person being very schedule driven focuses on what is to come, the future.  Their schedule extends out for a few months, highly structured and future focused, these people like to have things well planned out.

Then there are those who focus on today and just let it happen, they enjoy the moment free of the restraints of a schedule and take time to accomdate what will show up.   Their friends are the most important things in the moment.  

Then there are those who are future focused and not a strong planner, these people dream about what can be and enjoy living in the future with the belief that the right things will happen.   Life flows and is open, to create and imagine what will be.

What time domain fits your life style.  The planner focused on today.  The planner focused on the future.   The free thinker focused on today or the thinker focused on tomorrow.

How do you think about time?   How do you think it impacts others you work with or have a relationship with?