Daily Archives: November 8, 2010

shift 3.0

Are we living in the midst of shift 3.0, the movement towards a culture of working as independent contractors?   It may seem so with the rise of contracting agencies like Arise.com and www.odesk.com.   The world of work is shifting rapidly and the new wave of work will be increasing in the virtual arena. 

Here are some ideas that Peter Drucker put forth, Drucker said, “The purpose of the work on making the future is not to decide what should be done tomorrow, but what should be done today to have a tomorrow.” One unique idea he advocated was creating a “parallel career” in areas such as teaching, writing, or working in nonprofit organizations. He also encouraged developing a second career, often by doing similar work in a significantly different setting—a lawyer, for instance, might move from a traditional law firm to a legal nonprofit dedicated to a personally meaningful cause. While still in your main job, start thinking about your own possibilities for a parallel or second career. Consider how to match your values, experience, and education, and what shifts you might need to make in your life to support such changes.”  (Copied from AMA site)

How many people do you know that are preparing for a sudden and dramatic shift away from what you do today?   What new career would you want to pursue if the one you are doing today suddenly changed or went away?   

Peter Drucker strongly suggests that the knowledge worker of the 21st century will have to manage  themself.   Drucker speaks to the emergent society as being one filled with mobile workers, workers who  manage themselves.   The idea of lifetime employment which served manufacturing forces and controlled the workers would survive in an ever faster paced world is an idea that is past its time.  While it may be nice to think of work as being secure, Marshall Goldsmith suggests that it is only matter of time before a dramatic change in employment will occur.   It is naive to believe that a career will last for a lifetime any longer.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it. ”
Peter Drucker