It’s about me. The “I am” blocks many people from achieving the results they desire most in life. When the focus of everything in life revolves the “I” in am then the life that the “I” wants doesn’t become available.

The “it’s about me” syndrome reveals itself in all kinds of conflict. Conflict at work can often be seen as being part of the “it’s about me” malady. Think about it for a minute, how many dysfunctional managers do you know of? In a recent report there is about one in four people who are suffering from mental illness and that means there are leaders in top organizations hiding behind a mask of dysfunction.

What does a person who is overly concerned with “It’s about ME” do when things get tough? They focus on their needs to such a degree that they become less effective or ineffective in managing their group or part of the organization.

What needs to change to increase organizational function?  Eliminate the fear. Get the dysfunction out by working with those individuals so that they can maintain their dignity and move out of dysfunction to high function.

What ideas do you have?

“About eighty to ninety per cent of the population must be rated about as high in ego-security as the most secure individuals in our society, who comprise perhaps five or ten per cent at most. “ Abraham Maslow

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