Daily Archives: December 2, 2010

crisis in leadership

During times of great turmoil and disruption leaders emerge, and what do leaders do during crisis?   In the midst of mass chaos are leaders most vital or are great managers, people who can direct and channel resources to address the immediate concerns the most vital?

So, where do leaders fit in when there is a crisis?   Before the crisis occurs or during?   Leaders are strategic in nature, they are forward looking, they are future focused and they need to be looking not only for the opportunities for greater progress but at things that can disrupt a well developed plan.

Actually in a crisis there are two components, the immediate and the future response.   Manager’s can take a plan that addresses a crisis and be responsible for executing the plan.   The leader then takes the forward looking view and creates a plan that is really concerned with events beyond the current planning horizon.

Why?  In many cases the ideal person to create a strategy is not the ideal person to execute the strategy.    Leaders tend to have strengths in diplomacy and stragegy while managers tend to have strengths in logistics and tactical execution.  

What strength do you tend to have, tactical strength or strategic strength?   If you don’t know, what do you enjoy doing more, future focused work, or getting things done right now?

“A leader or a man of action in a crisis
almost always acts subconsciously and then
thinks of the reasons for his action.”