Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

what if …

What if today you could make it the best day of your life, what would need to happen?

What if today you could do something to brighten up the life of another person, what would you do?

What if today you could smile at a total stranger and make their day brighter?

What if right now you could smile at yourself for being who you are and nothing more?

What if  you could laugh right now without any reason?

What would make your day brighter, more meaningful, more powerful and more joy filled?

Take a few minutes and wonder what if …

What if you could make the world a better place today?   What would you change?

What if you could make your community a better place what would you change?

Make today a what if day, and then take the action to make something better.

“Imagine humanity committed to universal love, meditating on peace, studied and practiced in the cultural, educational, artistic, philosophical, and diplomatic arts of waging peace. Imagine a world in which war no longer exists. That world is just around the corner, as soon as we turn a corner.”  Marianne Williamson from “Healing the soul of America”