put the smile on …

“Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”   Mother Teresa

This is the time of year that people focus on giving.   Giving to those in need, giving to friends, giving to family and giving back to others in a meaningful way.   

Some people really get excited at the chance to give and others dread giving.   For the people that dread giving it is about, “Did I get the right gift?”, “Will they like it?”,  or “Will they like me for getting them the right gift?”.    At this time of year expectations are set at a higher plateau than any other time of the year.   The receiver is expecting something wonderful, the giver is hoping that whatever they are to give is going to be what the receiver wants.   For some people these expectations are too much and the season of giving becomes the season of stress.

Maybe it is those post gift conversations, “Did you really like that gift?” or “They didn’t thank me for that gift, what does that mean?”    Any of those thoughts or internal conversations point back to the source of the questions.   Why do those feelings exist?   What is behind those feelings and thoughts?

Let your gift be an expression of love and let your heart smile no matter what happens and let that smile radiate on your face.

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