Daily Archives: December 28, 2010

happiness … matters

More and more research is revealing how important happiness is in our lives.   Happiness has a broad definition that spans emotions like joy, contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, cheerfulness, enjoyment, and fortune.   

One way to increase happiness is to be aware of the beauty around you, the sunrise, the sunset, the flight of a bird, the laugh of a child, a random smile, a mountain peak, an ocean wave, and more.   What things are you grateful for?  List them out, list at least three gratitudes each day.   Start in the morning with one gratitude before you leave for work.    Find something in the middle of the day to be grateful for and then as the day closes find another one.   Focus on the meaning of those things for a few minutes.

Then take a happiness break.

Take a few minutes to step back, laugh, and appreciate what you do have.