Daily Archives: January 23, 2011

results that matter

“No matter how qualified or deserving we are, we will never reach a better life until we can imagine it for ourselves and allow ourselves to have it.”
Richard Bach

Results matter.   Results are the outcome of change.   For every action you take there is a result, there is an outcome, whether or not the outcome is the desired outcome there is a result.    Recent research shows that happiness precedes success.   For many people happiness is just on the other side of the success rainbow.   As you approach a rainbow it will appear to move away from you.   Happiness isn’t about reaching the rainbow it is about seeing the beauty of the rainbow.   So, what does this have to do with getting results?

For many people happiness is believed to happen once you get there.  However for far too many getting there means resetting the goal and just moving out of reach of the outstretched hand as the goal is approached.  This type of thinking has permeated management for decades.  It is the carrot and the stick approach to managing goals.   Companies still use that mantra of when we get there we’ll celebrate and for those who labor diligently to reach the goal only to have the goal reset or changed just before you “get there” there is no more disheartening impact on the people.   The carrot is always just out of reach, just an inch away but unreachable.   This mindset has infected every aspect of society from how we educate children to how adults are managed.   It turns out that the formula is wrong. 

People believe that they are unable to achieve the results they desire because there has been and always is the belief that once you approach the goal it moves and after a while there is no energy to pursue a worthy goal.   If the result is not achievable then why bother.  

Another vivid illustration is this.  For many professional athletes the end game is winning the gold medal, the sought after ring, the trophy, the belt or some other award that suggests greatness.   For many reaching that goal has left them empty and wondering, was that it?   Reaching that hard sought after goal didn’t bring them the happiness they were looking for.  

The formula is backwards.   Being happy on the way to the goal will make the goal worth achieving and celebrating once the results are obtained.

For more on happiness, watch this video or this one.

When you are working on getting a result what are you feeling?    Are you waiting for the result to make you happy?