Daily Archives: February 2, 2011

imagine your way out

“man is so imprisioned by his own thinking tha the is simply incapable of fully understanding another standpoint.”    Carl Jung

Carl Jung indicates that we get stuck in our own thoughts and can’t see our way out of the situation we are in.   I was reminded of that not long ago that in the midst of a thorny problem I could only see thorns.   There didn’t appear to be a way out of the thorns.   The reason for that is when we focus on the immediate issue we are consumed in that moment with only one thing, a solution that will work and we resort to our practiced behaviours to figure a way out.  

Maybe you have experienced a situation that was just consuming all of your energy.  Your mind was grinding away and the problem just wouldn’t go away.  “I’ve tried everything and I ….”, and perhaps those are the words you used while in the deepest recess of the problem.

Our approach to problems is generally a result of using what worked once in the past, or maybe an approach that someone else used and worked.   Sometimes it is just a grand experiment, an unplanned experiment, just to do something.  

What would it be like if all that could change?   What would it be like if you could actually find a new and better way to solve some of life’s more tricky problems?  

What could you do that would transform your thinking?   If the answer is “I don’t know”, then try this, imagine for a moment that you have the answer, imagine that answer emerging right in front of you.    What would the answer be now?