Darkest before the dawn

For many people the events of life pummel them with more darkness than light.    You can imagine waking up and knowing that the world that provides you with hope and opportunity is suddenly collasping in all around you.  

Nancy Brook happens to be one of those people who’s life quickly grew dark.   Her new book talks about her experience of surviving a marriage that quickly imploded as did her life.   Relying on her strength of character and a dream she moved out of despair and onto a path of hope.   Nancy fell but was able to get up and write a new chapter in her book of life.

Nancy’s new book “Cycling, Wine and Men” contains a number of lessons, transforming lessons that were able to ultimately allow Nancy to reframe life in a way that she was able to live her dreams.  

The book fits many of the themes of life coaching and leadership.  It is a story of maintaining an attitude of success in the midst of great distress.   For Nancy it was a road of discovery and reward.   How many people can and do live out their dreams?   Well this story shows that it is possible, that dreams can and do come true even when it is the darkest before the dawn.

Perhaps life has dealt you the cards you really don’t want and maybe each day is just a little bit harder than the day before.  Grab ahold of some hope in your outstretched hands, and hold on tight, believe that it is possible, believe every day that it is possible to reach your dreams.  

Believe that you can.  Take a look at the video clip

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