ready to learn

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second. Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.”  William James

What are you learning today?

Where is your mind taking you?

On what journey do you want to go on?

“When the student is ready the teacher appears” is popular proverbs that illustrates that in all of our life when we are open to learning new things come to us to learn.   We all have strengths and talents that are resident within us, for some untapped talents and strengths.  When those strengths are unleashed all kinds of possibilities are made available to you.

Learning is possible even in the juncture of something that is going in the wrong direction.  Maybe you have had those types of days where nothing was going right.  Nothing, everything you touch seems to be flawed, wrong or incorrect.   What make all of that wrong?   Was it your choice or was it something someone else told you?    When reviewed the moment what really was going on?   Was it that bad?  Probably not, it was probably something that wasn’t as good as it could have been, but in the very moment you were “doing” it was your best.  Only upon reflection or review by someone else did it become less than what you had hoped it was. 

What are thinking about yourself after one of these events occurs for you?   What do you want to feel about yourself?  

Now, what lesson did you learn after that moment of feeling crushed by someone else’s verbal blows?  What could you change that would improve your outlook on life and in that relationship?  

Tony Robbins shares, “I’ve come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy.”, and that just helps us make better choices in the future.

Even in the trails and fires of the day there is something to learn, if the student is ready to learn the teacher (the circumstance, event, or happening) will be there in that moment.  What will you be ready to learn?


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