if i …

“Imagination rules the world.”    Napoleon Boneparte

What would you do if?

Many people wait and wonder what life would have been like if they chose a different course of action or if they hadn’t waited.   Often people wait because they don’t have all the conditions just right to make the leap into the future they really desire.

As it turns out there for most people there is no “exact” right moment.  Once there is courage and conviction to change an impulse of movement takes place that initiates a transformational change.   If it is worth it, the risk is worth it as well.   Many famous people have stepped out onto the platform of change and decided that living their dreams was worth the price.   For some people the price of realizing their dream is worth all that they have, their security, their finances, and their reputation.   To have tried is more important than worrying about “what if” it didn’t work.

Maybe you aren’t ready to make such a large leap.  You would however like to make changes in  your life, small ones perhaps, changes that will improve your outlook on life and drive you towards your desired outcomes.

Here is a workbook you can use to help start you on that path of personal growth and change. 

Download a free workbook  If_I_ …   What would you really do?

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