balance … is it possible?

op-ti-mize:  (verb) – to make as effective, perfect, as useful as possible. 

Seeking balance and harmony is something many people desire especially in a world that is fast moving, complex and full.   Women especially seem to be mired deeply in the vortex of trying to balance work, family, children and their own personal desires and find it is difficult to find the right balance.

One lady that I talked to was trying to balance a busy work life, a three small boys, a business and a family and it made for a complex and busy day.   Much of the family raising rests on the women as caretaker, nurturer and family manager which leaves very little time to relax, and work on their own personal development goals.

In a sense we have moved beyond balance, there is only so much time in a day to get what “needs” to get done.   The next step is optimization of each day.   That means that we maximize the value of the time we have.   Balance implies that we can shift one thing to another in order to do something different and in many cases balance just isn’t possible, so optimization is what is needed.

 The list is growing longer.  It is all important and it needs to be done TODAY, or so it seems.   In that maelstrom of swirling thoughts less and less gets done and more and more pressure gets heaped on you.   You know these things have to get done but there isn’t any time.   And before long a thought creeps in,  a small one at first, a small voice that cries louder and louder.   How does everyone else do it … “I mean everyone else is able to do …..”, so “why am I such a failure?”.   

The assumption is that “everyone” else is able to do more and more with less time.  What if that assumption was wrong and that most people struggle to get everything they want to do in  day done.   What if more and more was left undone to focus on the critical few things that must be done.   What if each day was optimized and the focus was on is essential.  Optimize the day.

What can you do to focus on the few important things in your day?

What would help you optimize your day?


 “Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.” – Earl Nightingale

2 responses to “balance … is it possible?

  1. The picture in this blog spoke to me when I saw it because it perfectly depicted my mind in a single moment. I am always trying to balance too much and I wanted to praise your use of the phrase “optimize your time.” I feel like this is never done by anyone anymore and that we as a society are continuously trying to go faster as opposed to trying to do better. It has become quantity over quality in a world that desperately needs both.

    • Great observation! People try to achieve balance and in doing so give up quality. There are situations where quantity becomes more important than quality (not that quality isn’t important). Young children want “quantity” in terms of time vs. quality (highly useful time). They aren’t participating in the rat race and they value time differently than adults. The question is if you don’t have time then make what time you have very productive and useful?

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