change or perish

“With the mind-blowing velocity of change and the throng of competition, the skills needed for 21st century success are less about academic or industrial or technical training, and more about what might be called the “soft skills”: emotional intelligence, adaptability and resiliency; networking, interpersonal and relationship-development skills; self-motivation, accountability and productivity skills; personal branding, social marketing and persuasive communication skills; along with leadership, recruiting and people-building skills.” Darren Hardy, Success Magazine

Change and it is happening faster.  Information doubling increasing and on its way to doubling itself in a matter of a few months.   Information that changes so fast that college degrees will be obsolete before students exit the university.   A powerful wave of hypercompetition is starting to engulf  the world.   Ideas that can travel at the speed of light, decisions that can be made in a flash (for companies that stay light and agile) will dominate the landscape.

The shift to soft skills and right brand thinking (ideation) will be the new lingua franca of the emerging economy.   New rules will be written for organizations.   Large organizations that take months to shift focus will lose out to companies that can swarm to the solution.   Complex solutions will give way to the simplest solutions possible.   The weight and cost of complex solutions will no longer be acceptable.   Fast moving organizations that provide the right solution at the right time (no bells, no whistles) will win.

How well are you using social media today?

What do you need to know to succeed tomorrow?

What is your leadership quotient?

How would you describe your social skills?

What will it take to raise your productivity?

What are you an expert at?

When will you be ready for the sweeping changes that are happening right now?

Don’t be caught chasing the change, be in front of it and embrace it.  Learn the skills you need to walk and talk in this new era.   The world is changing at the speed of light.   Every person will soon be able to be a change agent.  Great ideas can move into the global marketplace with ease.   iPhone applications, phones that act as computers, communication anywhere in the world at anytime.   Job bidding where everyone is their own business person.  If you have the ability to work quickly and effectively you win the bid.   Are you ready?

 “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”  John Maxwell

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