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ADHD Aware

“Never do today what you can put off til tomorrow.” — Matthew Browne

This  week is ADHD awareness week and while ADHD may not impact everyone’s life it does impact many lives.   ADHD has been shown to impact about 10% of the population.

What is ADHD?   AD (attention deficit) with or without Hyperactivity Disorder.   It means that for some people their ability to remember things consistently can be a challenge.   It impacts the behavior of many children, those who can’t sit still for more than a few seconds  and those who just appear to be daydreaming the day away.    It is a neurological condition that impacts what is known as executive memory function, the ability to process information consistently and effectively.

ADHD is known to impact careers, relationships, and finances which are a big part of living.   People with ADHD are more likely to become smokers, abuse drugs,  have anger management issues, and take unnecessary risks and have other difficulties in managing day-to-day  events.     For many ADHD people there is a higher incidence of depression, learning disabilities and even behavioral challenges and so they get labeled and that distorts or damages self-esteem.   Challenged early in life some with ADHD are unable to complete school or require alternative schools pushing further out of the mainstream.

Children with ADHD often feel left out as it takes them longer to do simple things.  They often forget assignments or work that should be done or wait until it is too late to get all the work completed.   It isn’t that they aren’t intelligent enough do to the work, it is they are mentally scattered and that makes them appear to be less intelligent when in fact there is something else happening.

Schools are tailored to reach a specific audience.  Schools use assembly line methods to churn out a specific product in a specific fashion.   The assembly line model doesn’t work for those who have any type of learning disability and yet that is the system that is used.    Children give up learning how to read because it is difficult to remember and process the information, so perhaps other ways of conveying information is needed.   What do you think?

What do you know about ADHD?   Who do you know that experiencing ADHD?   How do you work with those who have ADHD?

We live in a society where being the same is rewarded and being different in nearly any aspect is an excuse to be pushed aside.   Labels become limiters, a license for exclusion,  a convenient method of pushing capable people to the outside.

Where can you learn more?   How can  you get involved?

ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder Organization

CHADD – Children and Adults with ADHD

ADD Resources

CDC – Center for Disease Control

National Resource Center on ADHD

NIMH (National Institute on Mental Health)

ADHD Educational Issues/Answers

Learning about ADHD and how impacts about 10% of children and many adults has value.   Understanding leads to growth and change and ultimately it leads to a stronger more vibrant society.   Greater contribution, greater results and better living and isn’t that what most people want?

ADDism’s ….

  • Can meet someone, fall deeply in love, marry, fight, hate, and divorce, all in about 35 minutes or less.
  • Can see all of your worldly possessions at one time…because they
    are all over the floor
  • Make far reaching analogies that no one else understands. Write
    them off as “Deep Thoughts”
  • The mind of a Pentium–with only 2 Megs of RAM
  • Able to tie seemingly unrelated ideas together
  • Qualify for bulk rate mail on tax returns because you have at least 24 W-2’s attached.
  • Honestly believes that anything is possible
  • Willing to “step out on faith”
  • A greater tolerance for “Chaos”
  • Proviedes job security for writers of Spell Check programs