Questions – to ask or not to ask

The door to learning is opened by curiosity.   Curiosity is awakened by the use of questions that probe for understanding.

What is the bee seeking?  Why  is the bee curiously hovering over the flower?

Our brains want to solve problems and if we frame the question the right way we build up a reservoir of optimism, positivity and hope.   If we frame our questions in a negative manner we ultimately undermine who we are and the world starts to crumble in front of us.

Our questions are formed by habit.  That is we don’t think about the kinds of questions we ask, we frame the questions based on our view of the world.   What is happening to me?  or How can I make today better?

Think about the questions you ask?   Are they the kinds of questions that build you up or tear you down?   What is your internal dialog like?   What do you say to yourself?   What questions are you asking yourself? Take a look at the following video clip.

How can you shift your questions?

What benefits do you think you’ll get by looking at your questions differently?

What steps will you take today to ask more powerful questions?

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