eye candy

“Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.
Listen Hard.
Practice wellness.
Play with abandon.
Choose with no regret.
Appreciate your friends.
Continue to learn.
Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is.”
— Mary Anne Radmacher


How important is it to know the reason behind the things you do?   Are you chasing fame?   Are you chasing a bigger bank account?   What is it that you are after?

It we just chase things to have things our life loses it purpose and we chase things  to fill a void in our life.   Happiness isn’t complicated yet it eludes too many people.   When the story of you life is “I don’t have …” then happiness will always be out of reach.

It is fascinating to know that superstars in sports who reach the pinnacle of their sport are often left going “is that all there is.”    The pursuit of a goal for their entire lives doesn’t bring them any more joy than going to the store and buying a pack of gum.   For those peak performers there wasn’t anything after that goal to sustain them, it was, “this is it, that is what I worked so hard for”.

Happiness eludes those whose sole purpose of being the best, doing more than anyone else, making more money, or sacrificing more of their life for the reward of achievement.   Being at the top of the high school class didn’t bring anymore happiness than the person near the bottom was able to achieve.     Winning millions of dollars doesn’t add more “life” to the life of the winner,  it doesn’t improve their happiness.

The things people chase is “eye candy”.   That wasn’t the goal, the goal was to feel like the accomplishment was worth it and that it felt good for more than a moment.   The accomplishment had to live on longer than the split second of the moment of achieving the goal and when it doesn’t it doesn’t feel so good.   When the cheers are gone, and when the paychecks no matter how big don’t bring an ounce of additional joy what does one do?

When a person realizes that all the “stuff” of life doesn’t matter then they are ready to reset their life objectives and to explore what does matter.   It is giving to others, is it making a difference in a way that matters.   For many people that is the answer, to give of their time.   To create something that lives on and provides continuous challenges with moments of time that are precious and can be enjoyed.   In the midst of the struggle is contentment, a supreme moment of joy knowing that in the struggle there is a potential for beauty to be in harmony with the challenge.

The flower that sits atop this entry is a moment of beauty that can provide happiness.   It is eye candy, mind candy, and with the right perspective it can provide a sense of peace to the viewer, a moment of happiness.

Take time to enjoy the moments.  Don’t ask if there is more, just enjoy what you do have.   Make the moment count.   Take a moment to smile, to relax and enjoy life.

What is happiness all about?

Take a look …

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