ADHD what’s new?

“Nothing says work efficiency like panic mode.”
― Don Roff

ADHD Treatments 3D.png  ADHD is not just a small problem with small consequences  it is a big problem with large consequences.   As more and more is learned about the brain and how it works there are more and new ways of managing ADHD.   If you are dealing with time management, organization, focus and procrastination you may be dealing with ADHD or just crash of constant change in your life.   In either case there are ways to help get more out of the day and reduce the frustration and anxiety often experienced as a result of ADHD.

It is surprising how many adults with ADHD in the workplace silently struggle to do more and more left brain activities.   It is expected that people who work pay attention to detail, think before they speak, manage their time effectively, show up to meetings on time, not act impulsively, and to focus on their work.  These are characteristics of the modern workforce that can’t be ignored.

I’ve heard of too many stories where an employee was dismissed from their work as a result of having ADHD (not that they told their employer).    Manager’s aren’t equipped to recognize and manage ADHD, they just chalk it up to a performance issue or a lack of desire or something that can’t be tolerated and find ways to remove the employee.   That results in a lose/lose situation.  The company loses someone who wants to contribute, is likely very creative and imaginative but trapped in a world where time management and attention to detail is seen as very important.

The best way to manage the ADHD issues is education and management.  Taking time to find new strategies or new methods to manage ADHD will help everyone impacted with ADHD.

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