getting over toxic management …

“Resistance is the most toxic force on the planet.”
― Steven Pressfield


Maybe you’ve worked for someone who sucks the very life out of your soul at work and you dread going into work and performing at the level you want to.   For most people you can’t run from the toxic manager.   Running is often not the option most people have and that is just what they would want to do.    The toxic boss can be overwhelmed with the pressures they are experiencing to not really knowing how to be a leader and understanding the needs of those who work for them.   There are toxic manager’s who believe that their power is at risk unless they bully others and expect people to bow down before them.

There things you can do if you can’t leave the job and do something else.  Some people don’t leave because they fear they’ll find something worse and that may be true.   Let’s look at some ways to make the best of a bad situation.

1. Understand or try to understand the pressures of being a leader or manager.

2. Realize that if there is anger being directed at you it is often an issue with the person with the anger.

3. Have a true confidant you can talk to, therapeutic complaining works as long as it doesn’t drain the person you are talking to.  In other words be careful on how much complaining you do.

4. Meditate as a way to control and manage the stress.

5. Diffuse the anger from a toxic boss, “It is understandable that you’d be upset with _____________”

What have you experienced?  Have you worked with a toxic manager?  What was your approach?   What did you learn?


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