start with an intention

“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.”
Bryant McGill


The genesis of action is an intention, a thought which excites and motivates, a dream in which you believe with your whole heart and being that it is possible.  Have you had such a dream, such a powerful dream that it could not just be contained as a thought, and it had to become more than just a ball of ideas?

The first action on a thought is the one of intention, placing power behind the thought and moving it forward in the cosmos of things that you want to do and putting it first.   When we put attention behind an intention something happens and that something is the emergence of something new, something to be created.   For many the idea of creating something is their higher purpose, their calling, their gift to create something of value to others.

What is amazing is that when there is energy applied to intention and it starts to move you start to move as a person as well.  It can be a time of profound growth and understanding.  The understanding of your own limits, your own ability to create and add purpose to something that already exists encourages personal growth.   Paying attention and giving attention to something allows something to come into being, to be started and finished and that provides a sense of accomplishment, success and significance.

When intention moves to attention the result is no tension.  When intention sits around with nothing to do stress builds up and expectations that aren’t meet create anxiety.   Paying attention to an intention allows you to move forward reducing stress and anxiety.

Take your intention and do something with it.  Start getting results and start changing how you interact with the world around you.

How do you do it?

1. Create your dream list.   What do you dream about doing?

2. What is the most important thing on that list?

3. What will it take to move that one thing forward?  What resources, what energy, and what obstacle has to be removed?

4. Apply energy, your thought, your time, and your energy to this intention, give it your all.   Be committed to it.  Be passionate about it.  Move it forward and keep inching it forward each day until you are done.

5. Feel your tension decrease as you do something that matters to you.  Feel your confidence increase as you start living your dream.

When do you start?  Now!  Start today.

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