Daily Archives: January 20, 2015

what is respect?

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”
― Laurence Sterne


A lot of people want more respect.   That must mean a lot of people are experiencing hurt by others.   To respect someone else means not to desire to harm them emotionally and for some people that takes an enormous amount of self-control.

What does respect look like for you?   Take a few minutes and jot down what respect is and what it isn’t.   What does it mean to be respected?   What does it mean to be disrespected?

Respect means to listen to what others say without judgment.  It is to leave right and wrong alone for the moment and just give audience to the one who is speaking.   It doesn’t mean that you approve of what was said.  It means that you have stepped aside of judging and listened wholly.    It is to realize that what they are saying is from their place of understanding and knowing.   They might need to see new things, new approaches and achieve a new level of understanding all of which can be done without condemning the person.

If their ideas and thoughts are not true then what would bring truth into the conversation.  How would you bring a new truth into being for discussion?

The challenge is to do that without offending the person or blaming them but to look at the truth and contemplating a new way of thinking about what was said.  It is often easy to rush to judgment or to elevate your ideas to a level higher than that of the one speaking and that just sets the stage for conflict.

How do you want to be respected?