Daily Archives: August 27, 2015

happiness matters or does it?

The essentials to happiness are something to love, something to do, and something to hope for.

William Blake



Recent articles point out that happy people do better work, that was the thought. A recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that maybe happiness is overrated and even suggests that happiness may be a hindrance to productivity.

Perhaps happiness sounds good at work it might be more important to have meaningful work to do that stretches the capabilities of the individual.  Work that is easy, repetitious, and seems meaningless isn’t going to drive the best performance and results from anyone.

What do you feel about your work?  Is the work meaningful, purposeful, and useful?   What is your level of engagement?   Are you able to do your work within an eight-hour work period?   What is the relationship you have with others in the organization?

Happiness at work, what does that really mean?   What is happiness?  It starts with a definition and you have to determine what that definition is.  Is happiness something that is pursued at work or does it just happen in the moment when the work you are doing has meaning and is inspiring.   Happiness is often found at the boundaries of intellectual and psychological challenge.   That is the work is challenging, the problems are difficult but solvable and there is time for a rhythm and flow to the work.   Work that is too easy can become boring and that will lead to less productivity and more procrastination.  On the other hand work that is too hard and difficult may also create procrastination.

Where do you find happiness in your work or do you?