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Making a difference and you can

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”

 John F. Kennedy


It takes a few helping hands to make a difference and maybe you can help.  You are looking at a picture outside Kashari, Uganda.

Zion Kids Palace Nursery School – Kashari, Mbarara

There is a school there that is being run by Herbert Tushabe and Rachael Nsimenta in a rural part of Uganda and they are on a mission to help the children in this area thrive.

Here is their story in their words:

Racheal and I , undertook a decision to tackle this challenge in July 2012  With a few tools and resources that were  available, we  started Zion with an emphasis  to bring long-lasting measurable social change to an urgent social need for the people in and around Rwobuyenje Kakiika -Kashari.
 Due to lack of affordable and accessible early learning and childhood development Centers and  the demand around its  neighborhood (more than 800 children between age 3 and 6)  don’t access early childhood learning (KG education) because the cost of  doing this is so high not mentioning the transportation of  these kids to and from the available  schools in town which costs so much that the poor peasantry parents in this area can’t afford and hence the vulnerability of this young rural children in this area, so they wait to join directly to primary school at age 9 or 10.
After witnessing the adversities that children in these  villages encountered, even when  those parents that struggled to do so would use motorcycles to ferry


toddlers to school very early in the morning  (6 or 7 -3 year olds) on one motorcycle very early in the morning ,that cold…I  was moved. Inspiration struck through the startup of  this facility so that these services can be availed to these people so accessible and affordable.
Nearly after 3 years of  involvement, our  dedication grew, and has manifested itself into the a Community Based center -Zion Kids Palace.   Four  teachers,Racheal Nsimenta, and Mr Tushabe Herbert  are now running  a full early learning   center with 100 kids ,providing them a full KG program with lunch and breakfast.
The philosophy,  teach man how to  fish, and  feed him for a lifetime’ fueled Racheal and I to found Zion. That philosophy still drives our mission to  enhance and lift quality of education during early learning stages at the Grass-root. Our desire is that these children will grow active and creative minds, develop a passion for others, and have the courage to act on their beliefs.We focus on the total development of each child’s spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and physical growth via a faith-based perspective.
What do they need?   They need funds to expand the program, to build a school and provide safe transportation for the kids along with materials such as books and toys to improve the outcomes of the school.
Here’s what you can do.   You can donate to the program.   You can tell others, you can pass this link on to others.   One dollar will make a difference.   Give a dollar and pass the message to 10 other people.  Let Herbert and Rachael change the world for the kids they serve.    Will you do that today?
You can play a small part and make a difference that will last a lifetime.

Thank-you!   Please send the link to fund the project to those you know.

the excellent organization …

” Employee engagement is currently at an all-time low in the United States and costs companies an estimated $370 billion dollars annually. In this time of improving return-on-investment (ROI) and profitability, it’s ironic that the key to every company stimulating profitability is the very thing that so many organizations neglect  enhancing employee engagement. ”  John Brubaker

Are companies losing $370 BILLION dollars each year?    If companies do have 84% of their employees ready and waiting to move to another organization the impact is large.   Hiring a replacement, training the replace and getting them to the point where they are producing at a high level takes time and time is lost opportunity for any company today.   Margins are tight and organizations should be looking at ways to establish strong relationships with their employees.


Some companies will say it’s OK for an employee to leave there are plenty of replacements out their waiting for a job.  Employers who view employees are consumable and replaceable resources will soon find that they can’t hire the people they need to hire to create a thriving and powerful business.


The goal of a business is to create a profit(to stay in business) and having employees that share that goal is important.   A business that can grow its profits draws to it more success.  People want to be associated with success.   A business that is able to produce innovative and high quality goods and services has an opportunity to last.


People are an important part of any business.   Happy people, engaged people are success drivers for the business.  If a business believes that people should think of work as a “privilege”, as in you are luck to be here, what kind of business will that be?  It won’t be a business that attracts the best type of worker.


If an employee believes that they are contributing to the success of the business in a meaningful way they will give more.   That is if the business views the employee as a part owner then that person is much more likely to go the extra mile and to find ways to make the business run better.

In some cases managers don’t have the tools or a good relationship with their employees.   For the manager that discounts the value of a positive relationship (trust, encouragement, acknowledgement, and confidence) they may find that their best employees are looking for something more meaningful and satisfying to do.

Organizations that are experiencing an increase in employee exits may want to consider their environment.  Is it a good place to work and take action to ensure that it is a good place to work?   It doesn’t cost a lot of money to improve employee engagement.   It does cost a lot of money to replace employees when they decide that it isn’t worth working for the company any longer.    A company that cares for its employees will find that its employees will care for the company.

For the organization that realizes that employee engagement is important may find that bringing in coaches to work with managers and employees is a lot less expensive than replacing employees.

“A company has a responsibility beyond making a profit for stockholders; it has a responsibility to recognize the dignity of its employees as human beings, to the well-being of its customers, and to the community at large.”  David Packard


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what do you really want to do …

Many people will pay the price of misery to say they were successful.  That is they will do something they hate doing just to show others how good they really are.  Now, who is paying the price?   Do the neighbors, friends and acquaintances really care how successful you are?   Is the size of the bank account more important that living a life that was meaningful and satisfying?

There are people who will be miserable for 50 weeks of the year to enjoy two weeks in solitude.   There are people who will amass such enormous debt in proving to others that they “do matter” that they risk losing everything when things turn downward.

The economic world flipped over just a few years ago and we are still in the midst of that chaotic mess.   Work is no longer guaranteed for any position.   If the promise of job security is melting away faster than the polar ice caps then why would you marry yourself to a job that could evaporate quickly due to factors that you have no control over?   The world of work is changing and changing quickly.

Instead of being miserable at any job why not choose a job that you really like to do.   Recently a woman reported that she worked for years at something she was really quite good at but she wasn’t in love with what she did.  She was making good money and was good at it, but then she found a job that she really loved, it made an impact on the lives of others, for her it was a job filled with great meaning and joy, even if the job paid just the minimum wage.

People aren’t going to be remembered for the size of their bank account, they are going to be remembered for the value they brought to others.

What dreams are you postponing?   What are you doing to create the life you desire?   What changes do you want to make?

What do you really want to do?   What is stopping you?

“We are desire. It is the essence of the human soul, the secret of our existence. Absolutely nothing of human greatness is ever accomplished without it. Not a symphony has been written, a mountain climbed, an injustice fought, or a love sustained apart from desire. Desire fuels our search for the life we prize. Our desire, if we will listen to it, will save us from committing soul-suicide, the sacrifice of our hearts on the altar of “getting by.” The same old thing is not enough. It never will be.”   John Eldredge from “Desire”

What would help you most?


Get your life under control with Life Coaching

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start hitting home runs

“The secret to success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” Benjamin Disraeli

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” Babe Ruth

Think about Babe Ruth’s quote for a minute, “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”,   what does that say about your life.   Each day you have a chance to hit a home run and yet for many people it is another strike, another strike and another strike.   It might not seem as if there will be any days that a home run could be hit.   What if that could change?   What if you could hit more home runs than strikes?

What is a home run for you?  

Would it be,

– A better job

– Better relationships

– Financial security

– Personal Development

–  increased spirituality

– Better relationship with friends and family

Whatever it is that defines a home run for you can be improved so that the swings produce more home runs than strikes.   How?

1. Learn what it takes to create a home run for you.  (What do you need to know or do)

2. Practice (become an expert at what it takes, develop the skills)

3.  Take action (do what you have learned and practiced)

4. Go to step one and repeat.

Now that sounds simple, too easy perhaps.   What happens is that people can read the steps and maybe jot down a few or even try it for a few days and then they give up.   Hitting a home run takes more than a few days of work, it may take a few weeks of work or a few months depending on what you are working on.   It is easy to give up.   If you aren’t taking swings there is no way you can hit a home run.   Sitting there and thinking about it doesn’t get you closer to the goal.  Taking action is required.

Having a coach might help as well.  A coach will work with you to achieve those goals and provide the encouragement and support so that you don’t just give up. 

When do you want to start hitting home runs?   Why not start today!   Why wait another minute longer to start hitting those home runs?