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What’s missing?

“I had my chance.’ He said it, retiring from a lifetime of wanting. ‘I had my chance, and sometimes in life, there are no second chances. You look at what you have, not what you miss, and you move forward.”
Jamie Ford, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

What is missing in your life?

You do have a plan on how you want your life to unfold. You have a list of things that you want to do and you have started accomplishing those things. You have a career that is exciting and vibrant. You have the friends you have always wanted to have close by. You are continuing to develop your skills and talents. Your relationships are working well. Your fitness and health are great.

What is missing then?

Finding a purpose …

It seems that many people are caught in a life that seems to have little purpose or direction.   These people want a change, a change of career in most cases so that they can do something that aligns with who they are.   People are tired of doing work that isn’t motivating or engaging or fulfilling and they want to stop living a life that doesn’t have a purpose.

Here’s what some people say, “I need to find some direction on where I should take my career.”

” I have been trying to figure out what I “want to do” with my life. I have tried a few different avenues, but have yet to find something that I truly enjoy and love doing.”

The story of finding something that says “want to” rather than “have to” suggests that many people are seeking a life of meaning versus a life of just doing work to make a living.   People seek coaches to help them find that purpose and then to find the career that works best for they are.

Years ago Rick Warren wrote a book called the “Purpose Driven Life” and addressed the issues of purpose.   What is it that you are the best at so that you can  contribute to  humanity your best?

The idea is of course finding a real purpose using your strengths every day and for many people using their strengths towards a purpose is a goal rather than a daily event.   How are you using your strengths daily?

What would it mean to live a great life?   What would you do to live out your passion?

Larry Smith (an economist) explains why you won’t pursue your greatest self.

People look for life/career coaches to help them unpack their dreams, to pursuit their greatest  strengths, and to start living the life they want to live.     It makes a difference and if you are feeling like you are stuck in the wrong career you may want to consider using a coach.

What are you tired of?

Where are you stuck?

How energetically do you approach your vocation each day?

What barriers stop you from the success you deserve?

What would free you to be the person you were meant to be?


All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant’s revolving door.”  Albert Camus

Begin!  That is all it takes to start something is to begin and yet far too many people put of that very task of getting started.     How many things have you put off waiting for tomorrow, the day that never comes.

Personal happiness, even professional happiness is tied directly to the actions you take not to the actions you don’t take.   Happiness isn’t something that comes to you as a result, happiness comes to you when you do something that you believe is useful.

Leadership expert John Maxwell suggests that we look at four things as that can result in having a happier life.

1. Create and nurture relationships.    People are meant to engage with other people.  Learning how to develop, grow and value relationships.

2. Make decisions.   Making decisions that support who you are and your strengths that are based on sound reasoning will improve outcomes in your life.  It takes discipline and practice to make good decisions.

3. Continual growth.   What are you doing to continually improve upon “who” you are.   That could mean additional education and skills or it could mean doing something that allows you to grow as a person, or it could be learning from the lessons of life.  Take time to reflect on each day and evaluate what you learned.

4. Adding value.   How can you add value to others?   Instead of looking at what you can get ask yourself what you can give.    Shift the equation around, how can I add value to others?   What can I bring to someone else in terms of value?   When you look at the personal development industry you’ll see countless experts giving away information, time and value, so that others can grow and develop.

What does it take to get started?    What does it take to go from waiting to beginning to make a difference?   It takes you taking action.   Stop waiting for tomorrow and start DOING today.

1. Who can you develop a stronger relationship with TODAY?

2. What decision are you holding off making?   What is stopping you from making that decision?

3. What can you do now to improve your personal or professional growth?

4. Who can you add value to?    Shift from “I” to “you”.   What can you do?

Years ago there was a movie about the continual bad news that was heard, news that help people captive to inaction, to being a victim of the circumstances rather than an owner of the solution.   The movie was  “NETWORK” and the newscaster asked people to get up and yell …    It’s time to begin and take action.

future thought

“He who every morning plans the transaction of the day and follows out that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through the maze of the most busy life. But where no plan is laid, where the disposal of time is surrendered merely to the chance of incidence, chaos will soon reign.” Victor Hugo

To plan or not to plan that is the question.   Success follows on the heels of those who create plans and execute those plans.  Today with the many distractions that can enter each day the best of plans are often nothing more than crinkled up notes in a wastepaper basket.    After a few days of planning and watching those plans go awry it makes sense that planning would end up being a waste of time.

What interferes with the plans that were made in good conscience?   The internet, the smartphone, the unplanned activity, the emergency, the longer than expected time it took to complete the work or getting caught in other distractions.   The best intentions at the days beginning left in ruin and the feeling of disappointment and regret end the day when plans crumble.

We live in an era where more and more information is pushed against our thin skin creating pressure which is often relieved by getting caught in the web of internet distractions, email or something else that doesn’t produce results.

There is hope for those who find themselves trapped in the tool of technology.  Tools that help return focus to the right thing, which is moving your life forward on a success trajectory.

Success Tools:

1. Simpleology – provides resources to manage and balance your day.  Enter in your daily plan, focus and achieve.

2. EverNote –  link you to do lists and other goals

3. Cozi – create links, lists, and schedules.  Link them to others and have mobile to mobile accountability, great for families that want to track results.

There you go, three different tools to help you organize your day , your tasks and bring about better results.   You do want better results don’t you?

Try one of the tools and tell us how it worked for you.  See if you can get more out of each day.

“The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.”  Cecil B. DeMille

quiet desperation … overwhelmed?

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. ”  Henry David Thoreau

I was working with a person who described his life as a constant state of being overwhelmed.   There was work to be done a long list of things that could be, should be done and yet the action needed to make that list go down wasn’t happening, it was overwhelming.    Have you experienced a sense of being overwhelmed at some point in your life or is it a daily occurrence?

The sense of being overwhelmed is a characteristic of those who have ADHD/ADD symptoms.   Lists become too large, the disorganization too much and finally the feelings of being overwhelmed take over and stop progress.   When an ADHD person reaches their tolerance for getting the list done activity halts  (the brain can’t focus on just one thing but shifts around and around and around the many things that have to be done and nothing gets done) as the mind tries to make sense of the things that need to get done.    It becomes a frustrating and upsetting process to know that there are things to be done and all you see are the  things  that aren’t getting done.   For some people that constant inability to get things done leads to depression or withdrawal.   People in work situations people with ADHD experience the stress of meetings, deadlines, and the list of things that should have been done yesterday and can become overwhelmed.

One way to create balance and focus in each day is to break down the list of things that “need” to be done into three categories.   Get a sheet of paper and  create 5 columns,  one for date, a done column and a minimum, acceptable and ideal column.

Minimum column:  What is the minimum that needs to be done today.  These are high priority items that need to get done today.   If you get these things done today you will have had a “good” day.  This is the minimum to get done.

– Acceptable column:  If things are going good and you get the things done on the minimum column the items in this column are ways to improve the outcome for the day.   It would be great to get these things done and getting these done would allow you to feel successful in terms of accomplishments.

– Ideal column:   This column would contain items that you would really like to get done and it would take a day where things just clicked and the mind stayed focused and interruptions were minimal.   If you accomplished this amount of work you would have an “outstanding day”.   If you don’t get these things done it doesn’t mean the day was bad or not a good day, this is what could get done if your day was ideal.

Each day separate the items into the three columns “Minimum”, “Acceptable” and “Ideal”.   If you are successful in getting the work done in any of the columns create some reward mechanism that you will give a sense of accomplishment (healthy snack, a short break, 5 minutes of meditation).   Yes, celebrate success.   Getting things done is great, and rewarding that effort is an important part of the process as well.  Perfectionists would tend to think that the only way to get through the day would be to get all the items on all three lists done and if they didn’t they would believe they didn’t have enough on the list (is that true, perfectionists?).

AIM to make each day ideal but be happy to get the minimum done.

Each day produce this chart and before you start the day define what has to get done vs. what would make an ideal day in terms of output.   Make the lists realistic.    Estimate the amount of time it will take to do the tasks and then prioritize the tasks in terms of energy required to complete the task.  If the task is something you don’t want to do, get that done first.   Get the hard things out of the way.  Why?   Most people have more energy early in the day and have more time to focus.   Find a period of time that you can focus 100% of your effort on getting the work done, preferably when there are no distractions.    Create a new list each day don’t just pull from the previous day’s list unless it is necessary for those things to get done.

If you happen to have ADHD,  getting your day organized is usually one of the biggest challenges.   If you just charge off into the day and “do” things you may be doing things that aren’t important.   If you just sit there and look at how much has to get done and get overwhelmed then that isn’t going to help you be successful either.    For ADHD people an organized assault on each day is necessary.   It takes practice and diligence (a difficult commodity to find in the ADHD world) to get through each day.

Now, the list has to be somewhere where it is in your face.  It can’t be in a pile or under a pile to be useful.   If you are a computer user (and many people are) get that list right in front of you.   If you aren’t doing the kind of work that is 80% computing work, get a while board and organize it with the columns that are shown in the picture above.   Each day write down the what  needs to get done.   Make sure the whiteboard is in a place you can see and use easily – make it front in center.   If it is in your office make it your task board and don’t cover it over with other materials.   Make it your focal point.    For children with ADHD, a white board may be useful (unless it turns into an art project) if it is in a place where it can be seen and has all the tasks they need to do for the day.

Making it routine.   The hard part for ADHD people is getting lists, or task boards to be part of their regular daily routine.    It has to be “fun” in some way and it has to turn into a habit just like many other daily routines.

Start today – start making the big list into smaller bite sized lists and start celebrating success and feeling better about who you are.

“There are times when we each have only enough strength to complete those assignments that we are fully convinced are important.”  Goethe

only if …

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”
Norman Vincent Peale

“Only if …”

You’ve heard those words from others or even perhaps yourself.   The words of “if only I did” or “if only I had” or “if only you did ” things would be better.  Those words of “if only” are words that are uttered by those who believe that they are unable to take charge of their life.   “If only”  words  are generated when there is a  dissatisfaction with the past.     “If only” is about yesterday, a moment in time that is forever gone.

While you can’t change the past you can change today.  You can start taking action on what will get you where you want to be.   Of course it would have been nice to have started yesterday but that didn’t happen.   Make today the day that you will start living fully.   Make today the last day of making excuses why you couldn’t get done what you wanted to do.

To remove the “if only” words from your vocabulary you need to set real goals for yourself.   What actions do you have to take today to get a better job?  What actions will you take today to improve your relationships?   What actions will you take today to improve your health?

“If only I had time …” said one person, “I would do start eating healthier”.  

“If only I know what I want to do can I get what I want”, said another.

It doesn’t take much to block progress.  It is far easier to sit down and take a break after all it was a hard day and “I deserve a break”.   Those small breaks become big habits.  Big habits are hard to change.   It takes more mental and physical energy to break a habit and change its course than it does to set the right course for life today.   Make today the day you will change.

“If only I could afford to … “, said one person, “if I could afford it I would do it ….”.   It is amazing what people can afford if it is important to them.   So, dispose of the “only if …” phrase and replace with “I will do ….”.  Make that your new mantra and start today.

1. Create a goal

2. Create a plan to achieve that goal.

3. Step it up … take action and make some progress each day even if it is only a little.

4. Celebrate success and acknowledge setbacks. 

What will it be, the same old excuse or will you take action today?

1.Create a personal development plan
2. Create a career plan
3. Create a financial goals plan
4. Create an exercise and fitness plan
5. Create a relationship plan
6. Create a plan for your life

What is stopping you? 

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I can seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”  Karen Ravn

at the crack of dawn

Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday. Be a self-starter. Let your first hour set the theme of success and positive action that is certain to echo through your entire day. Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all. You were not born to fail.”    Og Mandino

Sometimes the early morning comes to early for some.   Early on May 11th a program aired that gave the viewers some insight into the power of coaching and how coaching can transform the way people interact with the world.  

Coaching is transforming businesses so they are more efficient and effective.    With coaching employees are more engaged and more productive.

Individuals that receive coaching start to make great progress towards the achievement of their goals.   Coaching provides the accountability people need especially in the world we live in today where change is happening at breakneck speed and getting faster.     Coaching clients can learn how to manage stress, reduce anger and understand what triggers their emotions and coaching can help people live a more positive and inspired life.

People with ADD/ADHD can learn coping skills that will allow them to perform at much higher levels.   Overall coaching is a process that can make a great impact in all areas of life.

Find out what coaching can do for you.