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put anxiety behind you

Anxiety, fear and the pressure of daily life takes its toll on many and reduces their ability to sleep, work, and think well.   When the speed of daily living moves at such a pace that it feels like the world would sooner expel you into the depths of space then it is time step back from the maelstrom of chaos.  So, what can you do?

Here are some of the symptoms of a life that is going too fast:

          Rushed, not enough time to do what needs to be done

          Not feeling in control

          Irritation with others who enter your space, consciousness

          Tightness in the stomach

          Numbness to the world and self, lack of feelings

          Disconnection from life

          Life no longer is enjoyable

          Feeling like there is always anxiety or pressure in each day

How much are you investing emotionally by being preoccupied by the events of the day?  

When life seems to be overwhelming there are some simple steps that can be taken to restore normalcy.   Practice for five minutes twice a day.

1.      Write down the things that preoccupies your mind.   List them on paper.

2.      Breathe out the things that occupy your mind. Slowly release the things that are invading the thoughts in your mind.

3.      Bring in thoughts of appreciation, of beauty, of peace.  Sustain these thoughts.

4.      Share your positive feelings with others.

Relentless Intensity

Relentless intensity is what many people experience in today’s chaotic world.  There seems to be a relentless stream of activity that is required to navigate the permanent whitewater that defines our daily life.    Not only is the pace relentless there is an increased amount of intensity and laser focus required to see a day through.   Business demands more, our free time is shrinking and there is more information strafing our minds than ever before.

If you feel that you are caught in a maelstrom of activity, news, work, and life in general you are not alone.  

What helps you reduce the pace of everyday life?   Does it work for you?

We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.  John Naisbitt

Permanent Whitewater – be encouraged

Peter Vaill describes learning as “changes a person makes in himself or herself that increase the know-why and/or the know-what and/or the know-how the person possesses with respect to a given subject.”

Changes that a person makes, that is the key, changes that are made to increase know-how or even know-why. In today’s world the world of permanent whitewater we have no choice to be continually learning and increasing our know-how.

Are you learning? Are you stretching yourself somewhere? Is there something new you are seeking to increase your potential? If not, start today.