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elements of change


Most often the change model is similar to the grief sequence of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, where denial, anger, bargaining and depression can be experienced many times. Occasionally people move straight to acceptance from the moment change is initiated and they become early adopters, or change leaders.

Here is another potential model where we have initiation, departure and return (a model of the hero’s journey, from Daniel Pink’s book “A whole new mind”). In departure there is an emotional trigger for change followed by denial or resistance. In the initiation phase there is some element of transformational change and significant learning. Once the change is complete there is the return where mentoring and coaching can take place as the individual has accepted the change.

The departure, initiation and return cycle is a change model that recognizes that change doesn’t just happen and stop but occurs over and over again. In many cases there are multiple change cycles occurring at the same time which can create a change overload.

Karim Rashid wrote, “if human nature is to live in the past – to change the world is to change human nature”.

Do you think human nature is to live in the past?   How difficult is it to change human nature?

What is your model for change?