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decisions … decisions …


“Everyone has inside him a piece of good news.
  The good news is that you don’t yet realize how 
  great you can be!   How much you can love!
   What you can accomplish!  And
   what your potential is!”

        Anne Frank



What is your potential?   Most people realize that they have potential but they are unsure what it is that they really want.   The question that rolls around in their head is “What if I make the wrong decision?”    At the moment you make a choice is that choice you made the best possible choice you could have made?   Well you don’t know at that moment other than whatever drove you to making a choice it was the best you could do in that moment.   Maybe it was a long protracted analysis that led to the decision, or perhaps it was “it felt the best” at the moment decision.  Whatever the decision was it was the best you could do at the moment.

What can you do to make better decisions?  

1. Understand  the problem.

2. Define the possible outcomes.

3. Align the decision with your values and goals.

4. Look at the costs and benefits both long term and short term.

5. Determine what the satisfiers will be for your decision.

Once the decision is made do what you can to ensure it meets your goals and desires.  Learn what you can from the decisions you make.