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weeds in the mind …

Why is it that the plants we want to keep in a garden are the hardest to grow?   The weeds hang tenaciously to the ground while the plants, the ones that will produce flowers of beauty, are so fragile and easy to pull from the ground.   Weeds don’t need to be planted, they don’t need water, they don’t need fertilizer, they survive the harshest conditions, and the promptly come back if they are pulled.  I guess that is why they are called weeds.   Webster defines a weed as: “a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth; especially: one that tends to overgrow or choke out more desirable plants.”

What we want to keep, and what we want to grow take the most care.   The plants that provide the most beauty and enrich our own world take time and care, watering, fertilizer, the right temperatures and the right amount of sunlight.

The best gardens have caretakers, someone who will keep the soil watered and filled with the right nutrients, someone who will keep the weeds at bay and someone who will prune and develop the garden so that the best will appear one day.

Our minds are like gardens; weeds grow in them and reduce the beauty.   Our minds need caretakers as well as our flower gardens.   Our minds need the weeds pulled, those thoughts that just appear and steal happiness and joy.

The weeds in our minds don’t need to be cultivated; they just grow, and they grow quickly.   It takes constant work to remove the weeds in our minds.   The weeds like worry, insecurity, hopelessness, doubt, fear, and any other thought that removes from you your potential, your power, your happiness, your freedom or your dreams.

A gardener has to learn how to identify the weeds and remove them before they spread and damage the plants that have beauty.    Some weeds produce thorns and penetrating barbs, and like our minds the weeds there will produce defenses so that they won’t be touched and removed.   Our delicate egos resist having the weeds in our minds pulled.   Pull them anyway.

The gardener will work vigilantly in the garden to provide the best environment, the best fertilizer and the right amount of water so that the plants will grow and produce fruit.    You must do the same with those things in your mind, your dreams, your desires, your passions, and your destiny need feed with the right nutrients and your mind needs to be cared for.

Without spending time cultivating and nurturing good thoughts and good habits for the mind the weeds will grow and replace the positive, powerful and encouraging ideas, dreams and habits.   Pull out the parasitic weeds in your mind, the weeds that rob each day of its potential and let flowers of gratefulness replace the weeds, let the flowers of potential replace the weeds, let the flowers of peace replace the weeds, let the flowers of beauty replace the weeds, and let the flowers of dreams grow and flourish in your mind.Flowers

Visualize a garden, a garden filled with color, the reds, blues, yellows, oranges, violets and pinks  and let the images of those flowers be vivid in your mind.    Visualize each plant.   Each plant represents a thought, a dream a passion that is yet to be lived, let those thoughts live in their full beauty.

What thoughts are growing in your garden of your mind?

Pull the weeds; pull those thoughts out of your mind that are holding you back?   Plant thoughts of happiness, success, and joy and keep those in your mind.

to improve is to change

Winston Churchill wrote, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

How often do we desire to improve?   Is it something you look at daily and ask, “I want to do better here or I want to learn more there?”  

Personal growth is tied to a relentless desire to improve and to improve means changing the paradigm you are living in today.     In some respects the nature of pesonal coaching is to help people discover what they want to change in their own life so they can improve.   The definition of what it means to improve is created by the client.    What in your life do you want to improve?   Do you have the tenacity, drive, desire and willingness to hold yourself accountable for the results?   Most people don’t have the willingness to hold themselves accountable for the results they want to achieve.

Are you willing to change?   Are you willing to improve your results in all facets of your life or the facets you choose?

defining personal success factors

Where are the keys?

What is success?

What is personal success?  What does it mean?   How do you get it?   Where do you find it?

How long does it take to get there?

You have a key in your hand.  Behind one of many doors is your future, a future that is filled with the things your heart desires.   What your heart desires.   The key fits the lock that matches the desires of your heart. 

Finding the desire of the heart is the goal.  

Find the who in you.

Are you one that:

            Acts boldly
            Takes risks
            Acts implusively
            Seeks adventure
            Assertive and to the point




            Enjoys task and structure
            has a serious attitude
            is a helper
            Cares for body and health
            is Direct but cautious
            follows rules
            respects authority




            Questions and explores ideas
            considers the ideas of other’s
            highly independent
            lives in imagination
            desires competency
            expectations are set high


            Thanks others
            Integrity matters
            likes to make things better
            likes to brighten the day of others
            a team player
            clam – peacemaker – harmony



Which category fits you best?  Are you living at your best?