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the nature of change

“It seems to be the human tendency to want to resist change, to want to create the illusion of security in an insecure universe, and to avoid at all costs facing into the awesome and unlimited nature of life itself.”  Andrew Cohen

Personal growth requires change.

Creating new habits requires change.

Getting more out of life requires change.

Moving through the seasons of life require change.

Change is required for life.   Every moment of your life some small change is taking place, growth is change.   Now if we were meant to change and grow why is it that so many people resist change?

Comfortable living has become an antidote for change and growth.   More and more people are turning to experiences that numb themselves to the very challenges of life that if engaged with produce growth and new potential.   Look at the movie industry, the entertainment industry and even  the gaming industry, all of these industries are moving people away from developing new skills to mindless or mind numbing activity.

How much time are you spending on developing your skills?

What areas of your life are you changing?