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push your limits

“A true master will not deceive an able disciple. You are hampered by the limits you set and no limit can be set on skill.”
― Wayne Gerard Trotman



What are your limits?   Review these ten ideas and rate them from 1 to 10 in how you use them in your life.   How close are you to living at your limits?

1. Hunger and Drive.   Do you have some strong compelling desire or hunger to accomplish or do something?

2. Vision.   What is  your vision for the future?   Does your family have a vision?  A vision is a statement that you create that helps you define a direction for your life.  What is yours?

3. Certainty.  What is the level of stability in your life?   What are you certain of?

4. Passion and feeling alive.   Are you passionate about something?   Is there an issue or topic that concerns you and drives you to do something?

5. Care and connection.   Do you have someone you care about?   Are you connected to others?

6. Unreasonable expectations.  Do you have goals that stretch what you’ve done before.

7. Courage.  Are you willing to take a risk and act on what you believe.

8. Faith.  Acting in the direction of what is possible.

9. Flexibility.  The ability to adapt to changing conditions.

10. Authenticity.   Are you really being who you are?

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.  (1, Not even close to fully realizing my potential. 10, Fully realizing my potential)

What areas do you want to improve in?  What steps will you take to improve in those areas?   What would the benefits be to  you for make that improvement?