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ready to move

“A musician must make his music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to ultimately be at peace with himself.”  Abraham Maslow

Are you ready to walk?

The US economy is limping along and yet according to CNN over 80% of people want to leave their jobs and find something better.   In some cases people are just quitting their jobs even without a new job to go to because they can no longer tolerate the conditions or the job itself.  

Many people are disappointed with the jobs they are in.  People are discouraged and they are tired of working at jobs that just don’t seem to matter to them.     Once the tide turns and people decide enough is enough employers will be hard pressed to keep their staff.   Leaders will be challenged with a large rush of people exciting and a new wave of people trying to come on board.    There is a large cost of losing an employee and a larger cost of training someone new to take that position and become fully productive.   Employers are on the verge of creating lose/lose situations if something doesn’t change soon.

One way to stem the tide of employee turnover is to actively engage employees to understand their needs in a non-confrontational manner.  Managers and leaders will have to “listen” and acknowledge some their employees concerns in way that doesn’t threaten or demean the employee who is willing to share their issues.

What happens when companies lose their best employees?   What happens is that others in the company see who is leaving and if the best are leaving that means the door is open for others to follow.   

When some companies used the economy to drive employees to higher and higher levels of productivy and stress knowing that for most people there was no other option, people are now seeing that the stress of compliance may not be worth it.  

The younger generation is less likely to tolerate untenable work situations and would simply quit the position rather than working for an organization that doesn’t support their personal development goals or career goals.  

Perhaps 2011 will be the year for large numbers of people to transition into new careers.