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the perfect life

What is the perfect life?

Some people are working hard on the perfect life only to find that it is never something that can be grasped.  The perfect life is a life that cannot be obtained, bought, made or consumed.   The perfect life is just a fantasy, a dream, a remote idea.   Chasing perfection means chasing disappointment.

The good life is possible to obtain.  The good life comes with happiness, joy, disappointment and sorrow.  It comes with highs and lows, it comes like the tide, and it comes day by day.

Work on the good life, let life flow and don’t get hung up on the fact that something didn’t turn out exactly the way you thought it should.

Annie Dillard writes, “There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by.”  From the The Writing Life.

Are you seeking the good life?