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your plan for growth

“There is no condition so severe that you cannot reverse it
by choosing different thoughts. However, choosing different
thoughts requires focus and practise. If you continue to focus
as you have been, to think as you have been, and to believe
as you have been, then nothing in your experience will change”

~ from ‘Ask And It Is Given’ ~”
― Mary Ann Hickman


What is your growth plan?   You want more success, more significance, more of something and I’m asking you, how are you going to get that?   What is your plan for personal and professional growth.   Growth takes intention, intention to act and grow.

Top performers take time and invest in personal and professional growth.  To reach the level of top performance requires change.  It requires a change in ideas and knowledge.    What is your limit for personal growth?   Is it an hour a week or  an hour a month or is it an hour a day?

If you don’t have a plan then decide what area do you want to grow.   What abilities do you have that you are really good at?   What comes easy to you?   Choose a strength and improve that strength, develop that to a new level.

We only have so much time to develop our skills and working on weaknesses will only be able to upgrade your skills to average.    Average isn’t going to make a dent in the universe.   Developing in your strengths will propel you forward and allow you to make a larger contribution.   Excellence is what is going to allow you to achieve your greatest results.   What is it that you want to be excellent at?

Take some time and outline your personal and professional growth plan.   What strengths do you want to enhance?

To determine your strengths take this assessment (VIA Strengths).

Do it now.