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face the enemy within

“Keep my word positive. Words become my behaviors. Keep my behaviors positive. Behaviors become my habits. Keep my habits positive. Habits become my values. Keep my values positive. Values become my destiny.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Good habits are hard to keep, bad habits are hard to lose.    Why is that?  Why is it so difficult to do what you don’t want to do and so hard to do what you do want to do?

Our habits stop us from being the person we could be.     It is easy to be tempted by “habit” to do something we know isn’t in our own best interest.   Take smokers for example.  Many of them would love to quit but they don’t feel they can.   There are people who would dearly love to quit drinking but don’t.

At some point it is as if our emotions are hijacking our lives.    Where do you feel like you’d love to make a change but your emotions say, “don’t do it”.   It is almost like saying if you help yourself you won’t be safe.   The amygdala (that small part of the brain that controls how we react) loves crying out, “Don’t change … don’t change”, because it is afraid of what might happen.   The “what if” is the fear is holding back the change that could be made when dealing with a destructive habit.   “What if I fail, then what do I do?” , well if you hear that often enough how inclined would you be to making the changes your want to make?  Most people aren’t very likely to make a change if they think it won’t stick or happen.

There are a lot of people working in a toxic environment and by toxic I mean environments that are disempowering, demeaning and have bullies managing the organization.   I am sure you have seen some bad environments in which to work.   While the pain of working there is high there is a thought that says, “Stay here because you don’t know what is out THERE”.   That is fear and habit that is holding you back from making a needed change.

Our lives are largely run by habit, a programmed set of rules that we live our lives by.     Think about the habits in your life.   Which ones have you tried to change and how successful were you at creating that change?

What is the enemy within?  It is the habit that still has a place in your life and one that isn’t making your life better.   What do you want to do about it?  What is it costing you to keep the bad habit?

“Power is the faculty or capacity to act, the strength and potency to accomplish something. It is the vital energy to make choices and decisions. It also includes the capacity to overcome deeply embedded habits and to cultivate higher, more effective ones.”   Stephen R. Covey

Predictable Patterns

Our humanity rests upon a series of learned behaviors, woven together into patterns that are infinitely fragile and never directly inherited.” Margaret Mead


Continuing on with the theme of habits or predictable patterns what do you notice about your day that is totally a result of a pattern in your life?

Are there patterns in your life that are destructive?

For example are there things that just “set you” off, produce anger, irritation or high anxiety?   Can someone say something to you that reminds you of something unpleasant and instead of ignoring it begin to churn inside even to the point of saying something regretful?

We all have patterns in our lives.  Some patterns we should change for the betterment of self.   What patterns do you think you should change?

Some steps to take to figure out what patterns are in your life.

1.    Learn to observe yourself.   What are you doing?   Record it for a week or two.

2.    Which patterns create abundance and flow and which ones end up being criticisms of something or someone?

3.    Which patterns are predictable?   Someone who knows you could say “You will do this when /if _______”

4.    Have someone observe you.   What do they see?   Do you repeat time after time some phrase or action?

break the habit

dsc00530“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt

What habits are working for you or against you?

We are programmed to routinize all that we do from eating breakfast to driving to work.  I’ll bet that you have driven to work or back to home and you don’t really remember making the trip, the trip seems like an illusion.  Have you had those experiences?

You may have heard you are what you eat.  There is truth in that as well.  We become what we make of ourselves.  What if you don’t like what you see?

How do you break the bad habits and replace them with new habits that can bring you to new levels of joy in your life.  “Even small changes at the root level of belief will produce amazing changes in behavior and performance”, writes Harry Alder.   Do you believe that?

Here’s a powerful thought … The only prerequisite is that you must commit to change and when you do the right people will show up to help you. (Canfield, “The power of focus”).

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”  William James

Where do you start?

Start with a vision.  Where do you want your life to go?  If you’re not satisfied with the life you have today you do have the power to change it.  Look at your habits.  Which ones should be changed – really changed?  Move the big rocks one inch at a time.   Over time, perhaps 3-4 weeks of consistent rock solid behavior you’ll see things change.  Your dreams will start to become true.