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It’s about my dreams …

I’ve dreamed many a dream that’s never come true,
I’ve seen them vanish at dawn,
But enough of my dreams have come true
To make me keep dreaming on

I’ve prayed many a prayer that seemed no answer would come,
Though I’d waited so patient and long;
But enough answers have come to my prayers
To make me keep praying on

I’ve sown many a see that’s fallen by the wayside,
For the birds to feed upon
But I’ve held enough golden sheaves in my hands
To make me keep sowing on

I’ve trusted many a friend that’s failed me
And left me to weep alone
But enough of my friends have been true-blue
To make me keep trusting on

I’ve drained a cup of disappointment and pain,
And gone many a day without song
But I’ve sipped enough nectar from the roses of  life
To make me want to live on.

“I don’t Regret a Mile” by Howard Goodman


What is your story?   Does it ring true with the poem “I don’t Regret a Mile”?

Our life is not always going to be easy and it’s not always going to be rewarding.  We can however set the stage to bring forth the best possible life.  When we prepare daily for personal growth we enable ourselves to get better.  When we compare ourselves to others we fail to maximize our own potential.  Does it matter what someone else is doing if we aren’t doing our best? 

Build your personal skills and keep developing those skills until your talent is exhausted.  At that point you will be all that you can be with that skill or talent. 

John Maxwell wrote, “To improve my game, I had to change the way I played golf.  I had to relearn the game, and that meant getting help.”   Sometimes, perhaps many times we have to ask for help.   “How can I get better at what I am good at?” 

What is the objective?

1.       To get as good as we can get using our talents and gifts.

2.      To learn as much as we can about our gifts.

3.      Get help we need it and recognize when we do need help.

4.      Never give up until the summit is reached.

Keep dreaming, keep working on those dreams, and have patience and perseverance to go the extra mile.