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if i …

“Imagination rules the world.”    Napoleon Boneparte

What would you do if?

Many people wait and wonder what life would have been like if they chose a different course of action or if they hadn’t waited.   Often people wait because they don’t have all the conditions just right to make the leap into the future they really desire.

As it turns out there for most people there is no “exact” right moment.  Once there is courage and conviction to change an impulse of movement takes place that initiates a transformational change.   If it is worth it, the risk is worth it as well.   Many famous people have stepped out onto the platform of change and decided that living their dreams was worth the price.   For some people the price of realizing their dream is worth all that they have, their security, their finances, and their reputation.   To have tried is more important than worrying about “what if” it didn’t work.

Maybe you aren’t ready to make such a large leap.  You would however like to make changes in  your life, small ones perhaps, changes that will improve your outlook on life and drive you towards your desired outcomes.

Here is a workbook you can use to help start you on that path of personal growth and change. 

Download a free workbook  If_I_ …   What would you really do?

what if …

What if today you could make it the best day of your life, what would need to happen?

What if today you could do something to brighten up the life of another person, what would you do?

What if today you could smile at a total stranger and make their day brighter?

What if right now you could smile at yourself for being who you are and nothing more?

What if  you could laugh right now without any reason?

What would make your day brighter, more meaningful, more powerful and more joy filled?

Take a few minutes and wonder what if …

What if you could make the world a better place today?   What would you change?

What if you could make your community a better place what would you change?

Make today a what if day, and then take the action to make something better.

“Imagine humanity committed to universal love, meditating on peace, studied and practiced in the cultural, educational, artistic, philosophical, and diplomatic arts of waging peace. Imagine a world in which war no longer exists. That world is just around the corner, as soon as we turn a corner.”  Marianne Williamson from “Healing the soul of America”

create a new reality

“The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

 What are you creating?   What new dreams are you cultivating in your thoughts?    Will that next thought, dream,  or creation become the next big thing?

Imagine what it could be like – imagine a future so bright so filled with potential that everyone would be able to enjoy a full  satisfying fulfilled life, what would that mean?

Imagine if … this is your story of creation, imagine if there were ____________________.  You fill in the blank, describe what your story would be if you could imagine it without any restrictions, just let your imagination go wild.   Let your imagination paint an image so vivid that it lifts itself off of the page and literally becomes before your eyes real.  What would that be?

Too often people are stopped by limits, limits they put on their own imagination and that creates a barrier, a wall that looks impenatrable, too large to be hurdled and the dream stops there.   Imagine if …, imagine if there were no barriers then what would that dream look like?

Imagine if there was a a way, what would your dream look like then?

Describe your dream – describe the world if your “imagine if” became true. 

Running in the human race

The human RACE … sometimes it feels like a race, a race that keeps getting faster and faster and faster and faster.   It is no wonder that so many people feel defeated and worn out being in the human RACE.


Racing around in every which direction, but racing to what end?   Who has stopped long enough to ponder what it means to be in this human race?   Where does it end?  What does it mean?    So, pause …. take a deep breath, and stop racing and start reflecting.   What did you miss today?   A birthday!   A word of kindness!  A word of encouragement!   A word of thanks!


At the end of the day what matters most – the race – or the relationships?


Try these questions.

Imagine if I truly made a difference in the world, what would I be doing?


Imagine if  (fill in your greatest dream) then  _________________.


Play imagine if with another person and their response would be the “then” phrase.




Imagine if I had a million dollars then I would build a home for the homeless.

Imagine if I built a home for the homeless then with the money I had left over I would buy them new clothes.

You can repeat the imagine if story until you can’t imagine any thing new.


What race are you in?   Are you making a difference?

Experience it – Imagine it

If you had a week to do whatever you wanted to do what would you do? Assume that you had the finances to do what you wanted to do. Assume that what you did would contribute to the good.

If you had one week to travel where would you go?

If you had one week to help others what would you do?

If you had one week to learn something new what would you want to learn about?

If you had one week experience something new what would it be?

If you could help just one person who would that be?

If you could meet just one person who would that be?

Imagine if _________________________________________________________

Fill in the story – Imagine if “what” … what would that story be?

Imagine if there were no more wars …. What would that mean?

Imagine if there were no more pollution … what would that mean?

Use your imagination what story do you want to tell?