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be of value everyday …

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”   ~John Wooden  ‘ They Call Me Coach’

Everyday is a day to be of value to someone.   No matter where you are or what business you are in you can be of value to someone.   In fact it is better to create value, to add value to everything you do.

Create value in some fashion or in some manner for someone or some cause.   It might be something simple and easy to do.  It might be a kind word, a word of thanks, or a word of appreciation.    Add a smile to your day, a smile has power and value, try it.   As an experiment try smiling at someone  you don’t know, just smile and experience the power of a smile.

Consider the work you are doing today.  What one thing can you do to improve the quality and or lower the cost of the services you are providing?  How can you add more value?   In a world where there is more and more competition it is important to find competitive differentiators into the work environment.

Albert Schweitzer said, “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”   Serving is another way to add value, immense value to a world that is suffering.

Look at the relationships you have, how are you adding value to the most important relationships you have?    It is easy to neglect or ignore important relationships because there is an assumption that it will always be there.  Given the statistics on divorce in America those assumptions are probably incorrect.

And finally, be of value to yourself.    Focus on your diet, take time out to get exercise  and make sure you get enough sleep.   If you’re not healthy it is difficult to add value to others.    Spend time developing yourself and that means turning off the TV and opening a book instead.   Living in a media saturated culture means that we are being bombarded with a lot of useless information (the news is filled with useless information) and it would be better to focus on information that is positive.

1. Add value to others

2. Add  value to your work.

3. Add value to your relationships

4. Add value to yourself.

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.”  Albert Einstein

zipper people … lessons in life

“Information overload… may well contribute to stress… Perhaps many of us are not suited to endless reams of information, but are more suited to Art – where we are in control and are happy to apply ourselves…  ” Tim Collis-Bird

Today I am introducing “zipper people”, people just like everyone, are facing the constant strains of change.  Today people are inundated by information.  A flood of information in the form of emails, blogs, news, tweets, magazines, Podcasts, webcasts, free seminars, paid seminars, books, … and it goes on and on and on.  

People don’t know whether to jump into the stream of information or get out and watch it go by leaving them behind, a little less informed about what is happening in the world, or so one would think.

Over time people find themselves more frustrated, more upset and more anxious about the world they live in.  Coping to find a way through the day as emails, IM’s, tweets and the noise of the day just crowds in and takes over.  It is enough stuff to make some people, angry.

People are just getting tired of the noise, the relentless chatter in their lives and as a result are feeling less happy about themselves and of life in general.  

What can be done?

1.  Select your sources of information

2. Limit your diet of news

3. Find time to be distraction free.

4. Focus on what is important

There are estimates that by 2020 the amount of knowledge/information will double every 72 days.  Right now the information doubling rate is about 2 years.  Every 2 years the information doubles, so it is no wonder that you are swamped with information from a variety of sources.  

With the explosive rate of growth knowledge and information it is no wonder that people are struggling to keep up.  

Leaders will have to find new ways to lead and followers will have to find new ways to follow.     The “Zipper People” are going to join for the ride to help provide some practical guidance was the world turns ever faster.

“I was thinking, straight zipper”   Susan Rosenberg

information overload

Never before has there been so much change.   People consumed about 34gigabytes of data per day.   That is a lot of data to absorb and make sense of.  It is no wonder that people can’t remember the things they want to, there is just too much data coming at them in too short of a period of time.  We grab at pieces of information and add it to something else to make something up that isn’t true at all.

Information overload from twitter,Facebook, news, and other sources of fast moving information can quickly turn into time that isn’t spent in the best possible way.   What gets neglected when social mediastreams are being reviewed and responded upon?       One organization reports that information overload is costing the economy billions in lost revenue.

If you find yourself out of time to do things that you need to do, ask yourself where is my time being spent?  Is it being spent sifting through endless emails, updating facebook, tweeting, or searching for “something” out there in the internet space?

Take some time off – stop – reflect in the quiet, in the peace of a moment without any incoming data.  Listen to the silence even for five minutes a day and let your brain and body synchronize with the world.  Find peace in life rather than trying to fill every moment of life with information.