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find greater satisfaction in work and life

“The really happy people are those who have broken the chains of procrastination, those who find satisfaction in doing the job at hand. They’re full of eagerness, zest, productivity. You can be, too.”
Norman Vincent Peale

A new study just released shows that organizations have a tool to determine if employees are fully engaged in work and life.   The results of this study show that if organizations want to keep employees that they need to determine how restless the employees are.

If the research from Right Management somewhere near 84% of employees desire to find something different to do, a new  job, a new career.  Burnout it seems is high when there are financial stresses, increased demands, fewer people to do the work, and a less appreciative staff.   Everyone is feeling the pinch in an economy that is slow to recover.  

People who feel stuck in a job can carefully look at other opportunities and waiting for the right door to open.   Key players who feel they are putting in their all and getting little in return could bolt at the first opportunity.   The biggest factor in how an employee perceives their value is their manager or supervisor.  That relationship is critical and far too often that relationship isn’t what it should be.

Energy Leadership looks at energy as being either catabolic or anabolic.   Catabolic energy is defined as energy that negative in nature, it is the draining type of energy often found in people who are victims or are angry most of the time.   Shifting the energy towards an anabolic state would show an organization that employees are engaged and satisfied with their work.

Organizations can now through the use of the Energy Leadership Index determine how engaged their employees are.  They can find out just how engaged the management is as well.  It is far better to learn how well the organization is doing rather than waiting for a mass exodus and then asking the question, “Why did so many people leave?”.

What are your thoughts?   What are you looking for?

coaching for me?

“What makes a good coach? Complete dedication. ”   George Halas

What is “life coaching?”    Really, “what is it?”

A lot of people wonder what “life coaching” is and all about.   It seems that “life coaching” or “coaching” outside of sports is growing in interest quickly.

What is “life coaching”?   Let’s first look at what coaching is and isn’t.  Coaching is a process that works with people who want to advance in some aspect of their life.   With all the pressures people face today coaching is becoming a great path to find ways to work in our complex world.   Coaching is not therapy or counseling or mentoring or advising.   In other  words a coach supports the goals and wisdom of the client and through the use of various tools a coach works with the client to realize their goals.

Who is coaching for?   Coaching is for anyone who desires to do better in some aspect of their life.   People who obtain the services of a coach are motivated to change and if they aren’t then coaching isn’t the best thing for them.   Coaching is for people who want to perform better, much better in life, in personal development, relationships, finance, spirituality, and more.   

In the past coaching was reserved for those in top executive positions or for athletes who wanted to hone their skills to a higher level.   In other words  the superstars of society were out getting coaching and improving their results and in large ways.    Now with coaching being regarded as a way to increase performance of not just the top executives and athletes, but of anyone who desires to make a positive difference in their life.

Most people realize that we are in the midst of a huge economic upheaval and society has been battered by huge winds of change.   Globalization allows companies to hire people from anywhere on the planet and in many cases for a lot less than they had to pay for American workers.    Job markets that were once secure on American soil have moved, and manufacturing has moved to countries were labor is much cheaper.    Now we live in a 24×7 world where technology changes faster and faster, jobs become obsolete faster and faster and the pressures of life increasingly add  more tension, anxiety and fear to an exhausted country.     Time rushes by and it leaves people feeling empty at the end of the day.

The compound effect of change is something people need to deal now more than ever, the pace of change is continually creeping higher and higher.   People need a way to manage change, set new goals and find out what will work for them so they can participate effectively in life.   Coaching is a great way of allowing people to manage change efficiently and to see new possibilities for their future.  

Coaching doesn’t take a long time, has proven results and is very affordable.  Most of the coaching process will be completed in 12 sessions.  That means that in 3 months people learn the skills that can shift their personal life to new levels of  success.    For some coaching is done for longer periods of time because they desire and welcome the accountability, the non-judgmental environment and that they can be challenged to reach higher levels of success for themselves.

What do you look for in a coach?   If you are serious about seeking out a coach find out if the coach has been trained.     Coaching is a profession and the vast majority or people should have some formal coaching education before stating they are a “coach”.   Coaches, serious coaches, all have coaches or multiple coaches so that they can push their own boundaries and limits.    Some coaches meet with their coach daily, even if it is just for 15 minutes, just because coaching is that powerful and useful.  That is why the best of the best use coaches to improve their results.

People who want to become a coach should find out if coaching is what they really want to do and then if that is what would fit them best they should find a top-notch coaching school and enroll in the program.    Find out more about coaching at International Coaching Federation, the body of coaching standards.

Want more information?   What to ask some questions in private?   Send me an email at coachwithheart@gmail.com and I’d be glad to answer your questions about coaching.   Typically a coaching program lasts about 12 weeks.  Some people just want a month or so of coaching just to solve an immediate issue and that works as well.

Coaching is great way to find ways to manage stress, anger, disappointment, achieve new goals, find a better career, work on relationships and of course it is great for businesses who want increase results.   Coaching works, find out for yourself.

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”   Maureen Dowd