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“Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.”
― Marvin J. Ashton


The door is closing on 2012 and opening for 2013 and it’s time to say bye.   Make  this next year your Best Year Ever (bye).   Take the time to set some meaningful goals for “you”, and not just set them out there on a table to shine in the light but do something with the goals.    Don’t let your dreams wither on the vine of life, go out and make life happen for you.   It is easy to get caught up in the web of daily life and forget about the things that will add meaning and vitality to your life, so make a choice to DO rather than watch things go by.

Say bye to complacency.

Say bye to laziness.

Say bye to checking-out.

Say bye to watching TV.

Say bye to gossip.

Say bye to lethargy.

Say hello to health.

Say hello to dreams.

Say hello to action.

Say hello to inspiration.

Say hello to creativity.

Say hello to goals.

Make this your B.Y.E … Best Year Ever.   It is what you want isn’t it?

Take a look at this short video clip…it will tell you how to have your best year ever.

New Year … new goals …

This is the time of year people start putting together a plan for the New Year.   The old year may not have been the year that was remarkable in any shape, so now, this New Year is a time to start over, start with a clean slate (tabula rasa).  

What will make this year different than the last one?    What new goals will you create and really carry out not just for a month or two but for the whole year?

What new powerful goals are you ready to put forth?   Who is going to hold you accountable for getting results?    Who will let be accountable for holding you to results?   How important are those goals to you?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very low to none – 10 well defined and living them)

___  I am a person with goals and I sincerely desire to advance towards my goals.

___  I value learning, growing and contributing and taking action in my life.

___  I am continuously developing and nurturing relationships.

___  I believe in who I am and my ability to make positive change in my life.

____  I am willing to stop behaviors that limit my success.

____  I am confident that I can make the changes I desire in my life.

____  I am focused and driven towards my success.

____  I celebrate my successes

_____ I am loved and give love willingly.

_____ I am enjoying my life, I am happy to be alive.

Total up the number of points.   How did you do?   If you scored less than 80 then you might be feeling like there is an opportunity to live a better life.   If you scored over 80, what changes would allow you to live even a better life? 

As a starting place create a strategy for obtaining the goals you desire.   Start with a mission statement that defines what your unique purpose is.   What are you really trying to achieve?   What will enable you to sustain a passion for over a period of time?

Next define some goals, perhaps stair step goals that allow you to take the big goal and break it down into manageable pieces at a size that advances you without creating discouragement.      If the goal is weight loss do a little each week, and focus on the small step rather than trying to make the big goal happen quickly.

After you have your goals written down and well defined (what does success look like?) then define the action steps necessary to realize those goals.


Action step:  ( a small step to towards the goal)

Success is:  (what is a successful result)

Started:  (the date you started)

Realized: (the day you reached the goal)

Celebration: (what you will do to celebrate)

Accountability Partner: (Who can support you in your quest to success, someone that won’t judge your progress)

For each goal outline the steps you’ll take to realize those goals.   A popular method for creating a goal is to use the SMART process.

SPECIFIC:  What is the specific goal, so a general goal I want to lose weight needs to be defined as a number; I desire to lose 20 lbs in 4 months.
MEASURABLE:  The goal statement specified 20 lbs, so yes it is measurable.

ACTIONABLE:  It is possible to lose 20 lbs in four months, that would be 5 lbs a month, so if that is doable, then, yes!

REALISTIC:  5 lbs a month, is that something that you could do, about a pound a week.  Is that “realistic”, then yes!

TIME BOUND:  In 4 months to lose 20 lbs … that is the time to accomplish the goal.

If the Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time bound question are able to be answered with a “Yes” then the goal can be achieved.  If an answer is “No”, what would it take to make it a “Yes”.  Sometimes it requires rewording of the goal to contain measurable and time based objectives.

When you achieve your goal, find a way to celebrate that success.   Cheer yourself to greater to success.

When do you start?   TODAY … why wait another moment to live the life you been dreaming about.  Start living your life with intention, the intention of being fully 100% the person you were meant to be.

The steps

  1. Create a mission statement for your life.
  2. Create goals that support your mission.
  3. Break down the goals into smaller actionable steps
  4. Take action, start doing and reaching.
  5. Celebrate your success
  6. Grab the next goal and repeat the cycle.

Keep a journal of your progress and you’ll be surprised by how many positive changes you can make in a year.

“Goals.There’s not telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them.”
Jim Rohn

Let yourself be surprised

“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”

 Denis Waitley

Your daily plans should span the potential of both the best and the worst of things that could happen.   Not to spend time worrying about what will happen but to have a plan in place so that the best and the worst is planned for.

Then what ever happens during the day you’ll have a plan for your day.

As Jim Rohn said, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

I have a goal … do you?

Some people leaving a lasting legacy, some people encourage others to take a step that is bigger and more bold than they thought they could.   Some people make a difference in the lives of others.

Jim Rohn has been called such a man, a man who helped others reach further than they could have imagined.   So, what follows is an excerpt of some of Jim’s words.   Read them and then set a goal, a goal that will fuel you to greater success, wisdom and happiness.

Take charge of your life – leave a legacy – shape the world – you can!

— Now read the words of Jim Rohn —

The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.

When Andrew Carnegie died, they discovered a sheet of paper upon which he had written one of the major goals of his life: to spend the first half of his life accumulating money and to spend the last half of his life giving it all away. And he did!

Some people are disturbed by those tough days because all they have is the days. They haven’t designed or described or defined the future.

Goals. There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. And there’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them.

We all need lots of powerful long-range goals to help us past the short-term obstacles.

The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them.

Don’t set your goals too low. If you don’t need much, you won’t become much.

If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.

We all have two choices: We can make a living or we can design a life.


Quotes by Jim Rohn, America’s Foremost Business Philosopher, reprinted with permission from Jim Rohn International �2010.
As a world-renowned author and success expert, Jim Rohn touched millions of lives during his 46-year career as a motivational speaker and messenger of positive life change.
For more information on Jim and his popular personal achievement resources or to subscribe to the weekly Jim Rohn Newsletter, visit www.JimRohn.com.

Energy thief

“Don’t become a victim of yourself. Forget about the thief waiting in the alley; what about the thief in your mind?” Jim Rohn

Everyday a thief runs through your mind and robs you of your potential.   You know the thief is there and you can hear him as tells you stories, stories that suggest that you are wrong, broken or incapable of doing what you want to do.

What is the thief taking from you?   The thief is taking your life, your dreams and desires and telling you that it can’t be done and you believe the thief.    When worry enters your mind it is the voice of the thief and the thief is taking that energy that would have been productive and creative and removing it from you.    It means that the time you spent worrying about something that you lost the opportunity to do something, to make something, to be something, to feel something good and instead you felt drained.

Now you could tell the thief to take a hike but it is likely the thief is in control of those negative thoughts.    What is stealing your dreams?

What thoughts do you have that are robbing you of the energy you need to do the things you really want to do?

Some people are so taken up with the thief they don’t even question the voice in the mind that is telling them to “be quiet”, “to take it easy”, “ go the easy way”, or “you can’t do that, be serious”.   If you’ve heard those voices and just let it slide you might be too close to the thief.

Listen to the words of the thief and see if the words are true.    Even if they are, are they your words or the thief’s words?

What do you want to do to get your life back?

regret of not doing

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

Jim Rohn


“Only if …” how many times have you heard that phrase as it relates to the experiences of life?   Years ago my wife and I rode a tandem bike from Colorado to the east coast.   Along the way we would speak to people who would say, “I wish we could have done something like that.”    People live a life of regret all too often.   Rarely do they sit down and plan out their dreams and make a commitment to making that dream come real.   Life will quickly move forward and it doesn’t matter what day it is the clock will tick away the seconds and the day after that the seconds will melt away.   If there is no plan, no intention to take action all that will be done when the sun sets is the same thing that happened yesterday.

As people reach their 40’s and their 50’s they suddenly realize that something is missing.   The life they were seeking in their 20’s and 30’s evaporated in the desire to prove themselves and in a few years there was nothing left to prove.   Life had left them; their purpose wasn’t what they thought it was.   Something was missing … the joy of life was missing.    Deep inside a flame awakened that called out for change, but a change to what, for what.

Today is the day to decide to live a life of intention, to live a life of joy, and to become the purpose that you were intended for.   

Waiting until tomorrow is waiting for a day that will never come.   There is always something pressing that must be done, there is always something in the way of the dream.

What action steps must you take today to start living the life of your dreams?

An inspirational moment

Choice –  life is all about the choices we make or we don’t make.    It is our choice to be happy, to be sad, to be glad or to be all that we can be.

Our success is a matter of choice.   What choices are you making today that will influence your future?

Here’s a short video clip on success, or choices, the choices we live with and the choices that live with us.

Success is a choice.