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a plan for life

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”  Pablo Picasso

Who do some people succeed with great regularity and others seem to bump into the obstacles of life and define their life in terms of failure and underperforming their abilities?   One of the reasons that some people always seem to find success is that they have a plan, goals and vision for their life.   While having plans, goals and a vision doesn’t guarantee success it often brings you closer to achieving success and significance.

Darren Hardy the publisher of Success magazine writes articles about those who are always at or near the pinnacle of success.   What separates those few who do remarkable things from those who just talk about doing remarkable things?   Often it is an advisor, consultant or coach that helps the high performer find a path to success, to see those habits and attributes that hold them back from being their best.

The difference between the best and everyone else is small, often very small.

Why plan?   To enable and create a better future for yourself.  It is time to stop wandering and wondering what is next and create a solid plan that allows you to focus on a goal and work towards it.

What are you planning for?

1. What is your career plan?

2. What is your financial plan?

3. What is your relationship plan?

4. What is your retirement plan?

5. What is your personal development plan?

6. What is you physical health plan?

7. What is your recreation plan?

If you don’t have a plans for your life then life will happen.  The unintended consequences of living life without a plan are feeling disappointed, increased frustration, lower levels of success, poor physical fitness,  and more.   It doesn’t always mean that having a plan is going to result in superabundant success, it means that you are more likely to achieve the success and significance you desire.   Why?   Because you had a plan and you made it happen.

Do you have a plan?