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no strings attached …

“I’ve got no strings
To hold me down
To make me fret, or make me frown”  from the movie Pinocchio

What would it be like to not have so many strings  holding you down?

“I need help making a decision”

“I need a new job”

“I am in debt and don’t know what to do”

“I am divorced and a couple of kids, and a job that I don’t like, what do I do?”

“I am in a business that isn’t making any money, what do I do next?”

“I have ADHD can can’t concentrate or focus, who will hire me?”

“I want to work for myself.  I don’t like being tied to a desk all day long.   What do I do next?”

“I hate my job but I love the people I work with and I can’t just quit”.   Imagine working at a job you hate to do where you’re not appreciated by the people who hired you.   The work gets more tedious each day you walk into the office and you have to have a job because there are bills to pay.   Not only are there strings from the job that hold you captive there are other strings and bills that have to be paid, mortgage, insurance, car payments, phone, internet, TV,  and many other things that make life easier (with strings attached) to pay for.

Are you feeling bound by the strings of life?   What would it feel like to start untangling that web of string that is robbing you of the joy you want to experience?

Letting go of the strings.

1. Take responsibility for your life, all of your life.

2. Create a vision, for your future.

3. In 5 years where do you want to be?

4. In 3 years where do you want to be?

5. In 1 year where do you want to be?

6. In 6 months where do you want to be?

Start today.  Take each string and untangle it and then create a plan to remove it until there are no strings attached.

If you should wonder why, then give this movie a try.

Find a way to detach those strings that are holding you back from living the life you desire.

“It may be that we are puppets-puppets controlled by the strings of society. But at least we are puppets with perception, with awareness. And perhaps our awareness is the first step to our liberation.”  Stanley Milgram

Living in fear?

“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.”

Mary Manin Morrissey

How many dreams have you allowed to die a silent death because you feared that there was no way that the dream could come true?

How many regrets have you had when the dream slipped away?

Where are you standing now?   Are you standing for your dreams or against your dreams?

A dream is a vision of what you would like to come true.   Often those dreams sit idly by as the daily activities of life seep in and drain away the energy and passion to seek the dream.   It only takes a day and the days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months and months into years and years into decades and finally the dream and life slip away.

It only takes a moment to lose the dream and it only takes a moment to grab the dream in a tight embrace.   It is in the moment that you embrace the dream that the true passion of your soul awakens and something special begins to happen.  Your life suddenly takes on new meaning, new direction and new energy.   The dream when fully embraced allows you to move through obstacles and setbacks.  The dream brings you closer to your true self.

Fear however reduces the dream to a mere speck, just a small flicker of light that reminds you what could have been.   The dream appears out of reach and perhaps too small to bring to life.  Sadly the dream falls out of your hands and lives no more.   Fear can do that, fear can silence the flame, fear can silence the imagination, and fear can put you into a box in which you only hear the echoes of your voice … my dream, my dream, my dream.

What then can replace fear?   What will allow you to reach out and touch your dreams?

What new belief must you have to overcome your fear?

What are you doing to overcome your fears?