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choices …

Everyday you get to make a hundred small choices.   Choices on what to wear, what to eat and what to do.   Each choice that you make shapes your future, your day and potentially your life.

It is a choice to treat someone with respect, with care and with dignity.  

It is a choice to be non-judgmental.   This  one is interesting in the way that people would say they don’t judge others, until the other person doesn’t meet an expectation then look out.  “That person is an idiot” or “What was he/she thinking?”    “No one in their right mind would do that” and of course they get worse.    It turns out that it is easy to tear someone else down in some fashion, that is judgment.   Using your values, beliefs and expectations as the ruler in which to measure others is judgment.

Judgment may not seem bad until it is realized that judgment comes with baggage that the judger has to carry around with them.   Judging others has a cost, the cost is lack of contentment, or the lack of peace, or the lack of joy.   The people who are the most dissatisfied in life spend a lot of time judging others.

What choices are you making?

What judgments are you making?

Start building your future today by making small choices that work for you.   Leave judgment behind and you’ll sense a freedom that you haven’t had before.