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Marathon or one-hundred yard dash – your life?

Do you find yourself out of breath and energy at the end of the day? Does it feel like end-to-end sprints with no breaks in between?

How do you equate your standard of living? Is it by the amount of money you make or is it by the amount of time you have to make a quality life? We can have a high standard of living but a low quality of life. What is your preference?

What would you be willing to give up to improve your quality of life?

When we stop sprinting from thing to thing we begin to see things in life that we were missing before. We have the time to stop and say “Hello” to a friend. We have time to read a story to a child. We have time to sit back and contemplate the day. With enough time our life will stop being a series of mad dashes and will become a marathon – something we can sustain, something that will give us life and peace.

Frenetic pace or a peaceful pace, what would improve your quality of life?

“The most important question to ask yourself on the job isn’t “what am i getting?” but “what am i becoming?”

John Maxwell