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Personal growth – in one minute


Personal growth requires personal attention.  Like so many other life elements requiring attention, staying current with the things that motivate you and inspire you need to have a place in your life.

If your day is packed full of stress, whether it be work or something else, there is often little time to address those things that will help you grow personally.

In some respects personal growth needs to be attacked with short focused efforts so that you  can begin to work on those things that hold meaning to you.    Just like meals need to be smaller and with few calories,   personal growth needs to take place in smaller bite sized pieces.    Not because that is the best way to achieve personal growth but in many cases it is the only way to pack in a bit more into a busy day.   Waiting until the end of the day often means neglecting time for your growth.   Long periods of dedicated time to immerse yourself in learning more about the things you love are elusive and hard to find.   If you take small slices and focus on a specific topic, perhaps 5 pages of reading material,  read just that amount you will be making progress.   Little supercharged moments of growth – new ideas that can be bounced around mentally for a few minutes can help spur personal growth.   Journaling for a few minutes – play around with some ideas that fascinate you and intrigue you might help foster your personal growth.


Do you have one minute – just one minute to start making a difference for you?

In one minute what one thing can you do to help you move towards your personal goals?

In one minute … that is all it takes to start making a difference.

One minute each day.  One minute every 4 hours, or One minute every hour.  How do you want to use that one minute?


“I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that. “
Gillian Anderson