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Be creative …

“It’s not about breaking the rules. It is about abandoning the concept of rules altogether” – Paul Lemberg

What does it take to be creative?   Normally it takes  a big leap from where you are right now so that you would create a sense of personal risk.   It is a step into the unknown, it is a new experience, and it would be foreign to your way of thinking.   Certainly there is incremental creativity which is based on taking what you know now and extending it in a new direction.   What I am thinking about takes a bigger leap, it means leaving behind the set of assumptions you use to bound your creativity.

How do you get outside of your own way of thinking?   What causes you to stretch?

Some people use tools like mind mapping to extend their scope of thinking.    A new resource called Murally looks interesting and may open doors to collaborate in new ways.

Stanford is offering a class in creativity and there is approximately 35000 students participating.   How do you manage a class of 35000?    How do you review the work of 35000 people who are turning in work?   No matter what the assignment is the idea of reviewing that volume of work is prohibitive.  35000 students is probably more students than most professors teach in a lifetime of teaching.

When you are pressed with a challenge you’ve never experienced before, what do you do?    Do you think in a new way or do you follow the patterns that you habitually use?
What about a different approach?

What if you were asked to meet people from some place in the world you’ve never been what would you do?   What would you have in common with others?  Well that was the first assignment in the class on creativity.   Here’s a sample.